The West are attracted to Ukrainian nationalism in the subversive activities against Russia

Запад привлекает украинский национализм к подрывной деятельности против России

In Ukraine, in practice, engaged in undermining Russian national along the seams. The idea is not new, it is being implemented by Kiev to measure the forces to feed the West and since the coup in 2014 is one of the leading promotional trends in Ukrainian politics.

After the election of President Vladimir Zelensky the intensity of this propaganda has decreased, but not completely disappeared. The imagination to see in place of the Russian Federation a heap of ethnic fragments do not leave the head of the “national sugono” public.

Following the calls of Ukrainian politicians from the stands, TV screens and newspaper pages to destroy Russia in the Ukraine, a branch of the public movement “Free of Idel – Ural”. Judging by the title, it will be a practical realization of the information project “Idel. Realities”, implemented by “Radio “Liberty””. As you can see, the agenda of proclaiming a foreign ideology, and functions of their wards in the Ukraine – to fulfill what was said.

The name of the movement copied from the names of the SS Legion “Idel–Ural”, formed by the Nazis in 1942 of the defectors Tatar, Bashkir, Chuvash, Udmurt, Mari, Mordovian nationality. The Germans lured them into the Legion with tales about the independence of Idel-Ural (the territory of residence of the Turkic and Finno-Ugric peoples from the Volga to the Urals), which de will reset the Communist yoke of Moscow. But the number of traitors from among these nationalities were so small that no substantial part of the Legion in the history of the world, no question.

But Hitler’s ideas found response in the hearts of modern Ukrainian nationalists and their ideological mentors. Office “Free of Idel – Ural” appeared in London, where the hidden fan of the SS Legion of Tatarstan Rafis Kashapov, repeatedly convicted for extremism and incitement to racial and national hatred. In an interview with the editorial Board of “Idel. Realities” Kashapov threatened to open branches of the “Free Idel-Ural” in Turkey, Poland, USA, Canada, Germany, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, to attract the attention of the international community to the problems of indigenous peoples of the Volga region and the Urals. Funded project, probably London.

Voiced Russophobic plans of “Free Idel – Ural” – Hulk! To protect the inviolability of the territory of Idel-Ural rights of a man and a citizen of the peoples living there to defend their right to an independent foreign policy and the formation of the army, i.e. the creation of the independent state of Idel-Ural area 320555 square kilometers with a population of 12 million people. Some kind of political surrealism: fans of the SS, and racism are fighting for the rights of the citizen and person! And all this in Ukraine, where draconian methods implemented a policy of assimilation of national minorities. Good heroes!

Speaking of racism as an integral part of the Ukrainian nationalist ideology. Ukrainian nationalism is still can not determine the attitude of those whom he came to protect from the yoke of Moscow to Turks and Finno-Ugric. In the 1990s, in the Wake of separatist of euphoria, the most popular insult to Russia and Russians in the mouths of supporters of the European way of development was an indication of the admixture of Turkic and Finno-Ugric blood. In those years Ukrainian nationalists was very fond of the proverb “Scratch a Russian, find a Tatar”.

Russian stigmatize as non-Slavs, and genetic rabble, born of a chaotic mixing of Mongolian, Finno-Ugric and Turkic blood. This justifies the assertion that the racially more pure Slavic Ukraine has no common culture with the Finno-Ugro-Mongolian-Turkic Russia. Although from the annals known that in the territory of modern Ukraine in ancient times roamed the many Turkic peoples who have left traces in the genetics of the Ukrainians, and is sung in folk songs – “Isla divchina chernobrova”, “And miy Mily, chornobrivci” and so on.

And after the coup of 2014 tales of “pure Ukrainian race” got a new life: racial Ukrainians have the right the matter scornfully about moksana and continued to twist badly broken record about the fact that the Ukrainians ostensibly have nothing in common with the Russians, because they have Finno-Ugric roots, and “sprain Ukrainians” – pure Slavs. This can be attributed to the constant nonsense about “Kievan Rus'”, which appeared first in Moscow, was made from what a fantastic conclusion of a more ancient origin of “the Ukrainian nation”.

Now the Ukrainian nationalists changed the record. It turns out that they are friends with the Tatars, Bashkirs, Udmurts, Mari, and even, believe it or not, the Erzyan and Moksha! Now it’s the East European Nations and, therefore, the allies of Ukraine on European integration.

Ukrainian press gleefully reported that in July in Kiev held a “traditional prayer Erzya people” and the election of a chief elder with the right to represent the interests of the Erzyas in the international arena. Naturally, they became clinical Russophobe admirer of Bandera and participant in the punitive operation of Ukrainian forces against Donbass in Soviet times living in Ukraine and infinitely far from the real problems of the inhabitants of Mordovia. With the idea to raise the Russian Finno-Ugric peoples in the struggle with Russia it is worn since the early 1990s.

Visited Kiev Erzya “prayer” the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation Andriy Parubiy, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs of the VIII convocation Anna hopko (the same one whose office hangs a map of “Idel–Ural”) and the Secretary of the parliamentary Committee on foreign Affairs and inter-parliamentary cooperation Salome Bobrovskaya expressed hope that with the support of Ukraine Erzya people will escape from the “prison of peoples of the Russian Federation”.

A little explain. Erzya is one of the indigenous peoples of Mordovia. The second kind of people – Moksha. Each of them has its own language, both languages have in the Republic state status. Officially, Erzya and Moksha Mordovian are the people, and their languages recognized as equivalent to the literary standards of the uniform of the Mordovian language. By the way, to the Kiev events, the vast majority of Ukrainian nationalists vilified Moksha, had no idea that there are more and Erzyan and did not link these people with Mordovia!

Similar is the situation of Ossetians. Other they are Ossetians, and within their society they irons, the digorians and kudartsy, each with its own dialect, which together constitute the Ossetian language. Irons and digors are poorly understood dialects of each other, but that is no reason to claim that a United Ossetian people there.

“Free of Idel – Ural” accuses Moscow in disregard of Erzya and Moksha culture denies the existence of one of the Mordovian people and advocates for the legislative division into the Erzya and Moksha with the further romanization of their language. As always, the scenario is the same – to incite ethnic hatred and to push the peoples foreheads. Now the West is actively helping Ukraine. It is logical that sow discord worshipers of Bandera. It is clear that to conduct their subversive activities in Russia, the audience can not, therefore, the center of the “national struggle” for “Idel-Ural” is located in the Ukrainian capital. Where else?

Socio-cultural organizations in Mordovia the results of this political carnival in Kiev is not recognized. Why would the chief elder of one of the Mordovian peoples elected in Ukraine in the narrow circle of obedient servants of the West?

Tactics “Free of Idel – Ural” in relation to the other Nations that he was going to release the same: accuse the Russian authorities of harassment on a national basis – a call to rise against Moscow, news hype with a fictional “evidence” of civilization and political unity of the peoples of the Pro-European Ukraine – a call for EU and US to support this fight and attempt to assign some political crook to the role of chief spokesman for the people’s interests.

The concern of the West and its minions on the fate of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine (and Belarus, subversive “work” which also is conducted without the involvement of Kiev) is to promote inter-ethnic strife and hatred. The West is afraid of our unity and wants to spread in the area from the Carpathians to Sakhalin bloody seeds of war of all against all.

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