The Western world is at an impasse: America does not want to pay, and Europe — to repent

The policy of harsh statements, the imposition of prohibitive duties on products of major countries — trading partners of the United States and, finally, a meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN had a positive impact on the ranking of Donald trump. Such a high support for the current US President was only once — one week after his inauguration. Now his policy on a post of the head of state approve of 45% of Americans.

However, there is a hard section. Trump’s support of 90% of supporters of the Republican party and only 10% of Democrats. In addition, the average level of approval of the American leaders of the past years is 53%, and Donald trump this figure for a short period of his reign lasted only 39%.

American and world stock markets, however, the policy of the American President in the last days react differently. Trump, yesterday warned that in the near future may introduce new tariffs on a broad list of goods from China, continuing its earlier launched a tariff war. The amount of new fees could be around $200 billion and touch of high-tech products, with the exception of iPhones and other products of American companies. China, of course, have called it a continuation of the trade war and promised to retaliate, and global markets responded by falling. Decreased the even indices on the Moscow exchange. Noticeably subsided and the ruble, while the Russian government is unlikely to “hang” on trump.

Unhappy China is with Russia and the decision of the us President to proceed immediately to the creation of space forces. However, increasingly unhappy with trump and the European allies of the United States. To begin with, the American leader on June 18 in his Twitter, openly support the ultimatum of the Bavarian Christian social Union (CSU), which threatened the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to withdraw from the ruling coalition and the bloc of her Christian democratic Union (CDU), if the head of the German government will not make concessions on the issue of migration management.

The leader of the CSU, the Bavarian former Prime Minister and interior Minister Horst Seehofer has proposed to close for most migrants, the border and replace cash benefits for them in the kind of goods and services (read more here). Trump is this a partisan issue called the response “of the German people” on inadequate migration policy of the European powers and the rise in crime associated with the influx of refugees. German commentators on this tried in the same Twitter to remind the American leader is that crime in Germany is now at a record low in recent history of the country.

In turn, the official representative of the French government Benjamin Hryvnia, commenting on the us immigration policy that separates families of migrants at the border with Mexico, said: “I don’t want to in Europe was the same as in the United States. We do not have the same model of civilization, and it is obvious that we do not share certain values. These pictures are shocking. We are here to defend the European ideal of peace and freedom.”

It turns out the situation is that until recently it was impossible to imagine. The French are preparing to defend from the Americans “the ideals of peace and freedom.” The Germans, though not all, — the right of refugees to protection. The Chinese ideals of the free market. Russian — the peaceful status of space. Against this background it is not surprising that there are incredible rumors about a possible return to big politics predecessor, Donald trump, ex — US President Barack Obama. He allegedly can again speak for the Democratic party in the next presidential election in 2020, suggests “glamour” magazine Vanity fair. Technically, however, Obama may try to come back is that the role of the leader of the democratic party, because to run for presidency for the third time he denies 22 amendment to the US Constitution.

But the question actually is not how it and what role can back Obama. Rumors of his reincarnation just show how discouraged political elites on both sides of the Atlantic ocean and how they would like to see the US from unilateral decision-making and policy of ultimatums came back to dialogue. By the way, the same dialogue, which Europeans then some more snobby and sometimes rejected, as it was, for example, agreement establishing a free trade zone with the EU, which Obama failed to negotiate with European leaders.

Europe just yet was not prepared for the fact that the United States will spend almost the same unilateral and abrupt foreign policy like Russia, ignoring the interests of its partners and allies. While dutifully pay up and go in the Wake of American policy, the Europeans are not ready as they were not ready for it even after the Second World war. So further confrontation and a trade war is almost inevitable.

The trump risks repeating the mistake of the Russian authorities, who rejoiced in his coming to power. It is obvious that the rigid European conservatives, which now speaks the American President, if they come to power, will be set up in the first place, to protect the interests of their countries from the United States.

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