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Bad news from China to Ukraine brought friends.

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Know why Ukraine can not count on the support of China (2nd economy in the World), its investments and turnover growth the coming years?
1) October 1, 2019 Ukraine for the first (!) 27 years congratulated China on Independence Day…Even trump congratulated (for her), and the Ukraine. On the website of the President greetings there, on the website of the Cabinet too.2) the largest trading partner of China is still there from the Ukraine Ambassador.3) And even Ukraine still has not appointed a representative of the intergovernmental joint Commission Ukraine – Russia (Deputy Prime Minister).4) And Ukraine was unable to take in China, the Chinese Bank allocated $4 billion in the energy and grain projects. The project is closed. More money will not give.What kind of cooperation then we can talk?What about infrastructure projects in the framework of “One belt and one road” for $20 billion dollar energy investment, too, can forget.Now, defrosting of relations is possible only if:1. The appointment of the head of the intergovernmental Commission, 2. Organization of subcommittees (12 in each direction). They don’t have to be formal. Every service is a potential investment and trade growth.3. To assign the same посла4. To appoint a President and Prime Minister adviser Китая5. To create a group of friendship with China in the Parliament, led by ruling party and not the opposition.6. And most importantly, the restoration of dialogue at the level of the official visit of President Zelensky to XI.If the$REM, blame only yourself…Anatoliy Amelin

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