The wife of will Smith, made a Frank admission

Жена Уилла Смита сделала откровенное признание

Jada Pinkett-Smith in his youth was addicted to sex and alcohol. When she was alone and drank 2 bottles of wine and went for third, then got scared and decided to quit all addictions.

The wife of will Smith said that in his youth, he was firmly convinced that sex and alcohol can’t solve everything. When young she had problems, she rushed from one extreme to the other. To overcome addiction the woman was able, when he realized that she drank 2 bottles of wine and already went to buy a third. Jada thanks only to my willpower.

Will Smith loves his wife and never ceases to talk about it. Recently the actor admitted that he and Jada have not husband and wife, and more, as 21-year marriage changes the Outlook and attitude towards your partner.


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