The WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning is once again behind bars

PHOTO : ZumaTASS / Chelsea Elizabeth Manning


Former soldier of the US army Chelsea manning again went to jail for refusing to testify against WikiLeaks, reports “WORLD 24”.

About Bradley Manning, the world first heard 10 years ago. Manning was a man. The sex change operation he did in prison. At the same time took the name Chelsea.

Former soldier worked as an intelligence analyst in Iraq and had access to secret documents about the operations of the Pentagon. On questioning, she admitted that he gave WikiLeaks the video of the attacks of the Americans from the air. They have killed civilians.

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is accused of conspiring with Manning. The journalist was arrested in London after seven years of living in the Embassy of Ecuador. Now Washington is seeking his extradition.

In the UK, Assange was sentenced to 11 months in prison for breach of bail.