The will to live: Arthur needs money for rehabilitation after injury

Five minutes under water, and clinical death. Arthur Pusan nearly drowned in the pool. The young man managed to save, but a long road ahead to recovery. Now fully returned to consciousness and memory, while Arthur keeps bad back and no feeling in his legs. To help him in the rehabilitation center “Three sisters”. The cost of the course is 315 thousand rubles. Such money the young man has no. Channel the WORLD together with the “Live” announces fundraising for Arthur. His story tells the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Andrey Mikhailov.

A year ago Arthur Pusan celebrated his 20th birthday by the outdoor pool in Novosibirsk. One of the high jumping was fatal. Arthur broke his neck, hitting his head on the bottom of the pool. Medical and rescue workers near there. The young man had been underwater for almost five minutes. Before the ambulance to pump Arthur could rest.

Now Arthur and he is learning to control their bodies. After the injury was able to fully recover consciousness, but hands yet did not listen. He has bad back and no feeling in his legs. But doctors are sure that with such a will to live a complete recovery time.

“Arthur came in with this look, charged, motivated for active rehabilitation, not just as a regular course of rehabilitation, and that it in our center with great hopes, with great motivation he wants to achieve maximum success,” said acting chief physician of the rehabilitation center “Three sisters”, Ivan Kolbin.

Arthur divides his life into before and after injury. He sure went back to playing football and will finally go to College, where I wanted to apply right after my birthday. Arthur’s parents almost a year looking for the right rehabilitation center until you brought it in “Three sisters”.

“I have strong hands, I’m a little he can take in the stroller, with a little help. At home, I could not do. Now the back was a little harder, hands. There is progress, I am moving forward, my main objective is to fully recover in order to return to a normal life and grow,” says Arthur.

Now while Arthur has to endure the pain. From morning to evening hard workout. But doctors say rehabilitation can not be interrupted. That progress went on, required a new course for its cost 315 thousand rubles. Can help you viewers of the TV channel “MIR”. For this you need to send an SMS with the word “Live” in room 3443 in the text to specify the donation amount.

Earlier, the TV channel “the WORLD” told the story of Daniel Petrushina from Vologda. He received a severe brain injury in a terrible accident. Daniel has learned to sit independently to eat and drink. Thanks to concerned viewers were able to collect almost 124 thousand rubles for rehabilitation. Still a little more than 190 thousand. Then Daniel will have a chance to get to his feet.