The winter of the first time to the québec cinema

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The filmmakers, Sophie Dupuis, William Lambert, Jeanne Leblanc, and Pascal Plante

They are called William Lambert, Jeanne Leblanc, Pascal Plante and Sophie Dupuis. Over the next few months, or even weeks, we will discover their first feature films. From the short, they have worked hard, and often penniless, to give body to their respective visions. On the eve of reveal what the anime, we wanted to hear on the challenges inherent in this learning experience.


It is soon that we will be able to see the film of Guillaume Lambert, The scenes are accidental, shows the 26 January. On the principle of mise en abyme, satiric, this comedy he has written, produced and performed in, tale the trials and tribulations of a filmmaker neophyte unable to finish a shoot with the French actor Denis Lavant. With Monia Chokri and… François Pérusse. For memory, we saw Guillaume Lambert in the hilarious webseries adulthood, he has scripted.


“I knew that I wanted to make a film, fragile, intimate, no frills, where the actors would be very natural. I also knew that I wanted a comedy to the limit of the drama (or the reverse). That’s about all I knew, or else that the themes of the film would be the aimlessness and emptiness […] The film has created “scene by scene”, hence the title, and was shot over 20 days with about $ 180,000, tax credits included. “


An amount that hardly left room for manoeuvre. It had to be, for example, waive a song whose rights were too expensive. “Pierre-Philippe “Pilou” Côté came to our rescue and has composed an original song, tells of Guillaume Lambert. In the end, this song is much better and far more efficient. This is a picture of the whole of the production : every obstacle became a challenge, a constraint to be creative, and the result has always exceeded what I had imagined. “


Stick to the essential

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“All You Can Eat Buddha”, the first feature film by Ian Lagarde, will be released on 16 February.

Of about which are in this case echo those of his colleagues. All four, indeed, have operated with little or relatively little means. Jeanne Leblanc, the movie is Isla Blanca, or the homecoming of a. long, appears to be the 2 of march, perfectly sums up the general state of mind.


“It forced me to redefine how I want to work, and how I could push the experience as far as possible. We have therefore reduced our needs to the essentials : a home, actors fully invested, a director of photography and a sound engineer able to make a complete body with the scenes and, especially, time, and freedom. Our biggest obstacle has been, in reality, our greatest asset. “


Even the sound of a bell in Pascal Plant, for which ” the best creative ideas are born out of constraints.” His film, The fake tattoos fate, him, the 16 February, just after his passage at the Berlinale, where it has been selected. On a background of a punk-gig, it follows the romance and spontaneous, but with expiry date, which is born between two misfits, him a prisoner of his remorse (Anthony Therrien), her free spirit (Rose-Marie Perreault).


Continuity and renewal

Photo: films Sévilles
“To live here”, with Élise Guilbault, will be released on the 23rd of February.

Speaking of freedom, when one brace in a first film, cherche-t-on, knowingly, to get rid of issues, patterns, and other schools that characterize the cinema of quebec ? Or, on the contrary, try to be there to register in the continuity of works and movements that you admire ?


Interestingly, for a Pascal Plant, there is a little bit of both. “The cinema of quebec, between Pierre Perrault and Michel Brault, a strong legacy of documentary film, direct, and, between My uncle Antoine and C. R. A. Z. Y., a strong legacy of films on the youth coming of age. I like to think The fake tattoos is somewhere between these two lines. However, a film about youth is destined to be renewed with the youth. The fake tattoos contains universal themes, yes, but he wants to be a fiercely contemporary in its treatment of the thought of the romance of the youth of today “, he adds.


Jump into the void

Photo: films Sévilles
Third installment of the adventures of youth, by Ricardo Trogi, “1991” will be released this summer.

On his side, Sophie Dupuis perceives changes in the cinematic landscape here. Room the 9 march, guard Dog starring Jean-Simon Leduc in the role of a debt collector who feels responsible for his clan dysfunctional (in which the singer Marjo made an appearance).


“We now have to deal with new sets, with themes that are more unusual, characters metamorphosed, and the rhythms invigorating. I enrolled in this new wave that hits the Quebec : a guard Dog is delirious, dynamic, talkative and effervescent. And I have the impression that this is what’s coming up in our cinema […] Make a first feature film, it is exciting, but it is also jump into the void and the unknown. “


And Sophie Dupuis recalled, again, like his colleagues, the importance of well prepared and well surrounded. “My other weapons : a lot of repetitions, full of love and listening, a lot of time and especially an infinite confidence to my team is talented, experienced and generous. I also gave myself the right to say sometimes “I don’t know”. “


What we do know, however, is that we can’t wait to see what these four have in the belly.

Two documentaries to watch

9 February Some of my friends, Catherine Martin (Three time after the death of Anna), interweaves seven portraits of exceptional people, also “ordinary” they are. (Photo: Catherine Martin / The films of 3 march)

16 February, The hand of the devil, Luc Bourdon (The memory of angels), revisits the Quebec of the 1970s to the middle of the extracts from 200 films from the NFB.

We can’t wait to see

16 February All You Can Eat Buddha, or a hotel “all inclusive” antiquated and unusual as a social microcosm. First feature film by Ian Lagarde.

23 February To live here, or the reunion of Bernard Émond and the actress Elise Guilbault.

2 march Charlotte has fun, or the emotions of romance of the three students seen by Sophie Lorain.

16 march Elsewhere, or the twists and turns, between drama and the tale of two runaways (with Noah Parker and Theodore Pellerin, the last of the distributions of Isla Blanca and a guard Dog). First feature film of Samuel Matteau.

Spring La Bolduc, or when Debbie Lynch-White embodies the famous turluteuse.

Been 1991, or the third part of the adventures of youth, by Ricardo Trogi after the 1981 and 1987.

In 2018… new films from Xavier Dolan, Sébastien pilote and Denys Arcand.

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