The wire stars: Kate Upton stumbles topless in the middle of a shoot…Christina Applegate was made to remove her fallopian tubes…

Kate Upton on September 13, 2017 in New York. — Scott Roth/AP/SIPA

Thursday, 12 October

Kate Upton stumbles topless full photo shoot

The bomb 25 years has proven that the business model can prove to be dangerous. While she was in Aruba for a photo shoot, the young woman lost balance and had a fall to remember in the water as explained on Page Six.

The scene happened on the way to the top model, with a single garment-a skirt in pieces of tulle layered, took a pose sexy on a rock. The young woman suddenly slipped is found in the water. Very quickly, the team ran to his rescue to bail them out.

Game ? #Cornhole ☄️ @JBLaudio #JBLFest

— Kate Upton (@KateUpton) July 28, 2017

But it takes more to run the pretty blonde. A few moments after the incident, the fiancee of Justin Verlander, pitcher of the Houston Astros, has been photographed all hilarious wrapped in a towel.


Christina Applegate raises the veil on the removal of the fallopian

Christina Applegate in Los Angeles on August 12, 2017. – Shutterstock/SIPA

The actress of 45 years was announced in an interview that moving to Today that she was removing her fallopian Tubes and her ovaries. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, has already undergone a double mastectomy. She explains that it is a preventative measure : “My cousin died of ovarian cancer in 2008. I can prevent it for me. It is like that that I decided to take control. It is a relief. Now, let’s hope that I won’t be hit by a bus, ” joked Christina Applegate.

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The wife of the musician Martyn LeNoble, and the mother of the small Sadie, 6 years old, has transformed its way of life : “We grow our own vegetables. This is not a possibility for everyone. We are a home 100 % organic. My daughter is a vegetarian, and practically vegan. It is his choice. This is how she eats. We are really aware of what we buy. Take a cabbage ! Plant a green cabbage in your garden and put them everywhere. “

But the one who founded ” Right Action For Women “, an organization which funds the medical care of women positive for BRCA, has made breast cancer a personal matter, and is concerned for her daughter : “of course, the chances of my daughter being positive for the BRCA are very high. I have the monitors and the fed as healthily as possible. I try to keep his stress levels down. I am doing all that I can while knowing that in 20 years, she will have to start testing. I hope that by then, there will be progress in the matter. It’s heartbreaking to think that it is possible for it to be reached “.

The star admits that she leads a happy life at present, and please in the role of mother at home : “I love my life at this time. I am very lucky to be able to finally lift the foot. It is wonderful. “

Name that tune. My mom found these in her garage.

— christina applegate (@1capplegate) March 23, 2017

Alec Baldwin swings his glass in the face of a motorist

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Alec Baldwin in the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles September 17, 2017. – Eric Jamison/AP/SIPA

The actor improvised explosive 59-year-old has yet experienced a mishap epic in the streets of New York. As the tells Page Six, a pedestrian has been witness of the scene. It is said that the actor was angry at a motorist alleged imprudent. The verbal exchange was a lively, Alec Baldwin has insulted the driver of the “meatball” and threw him the soda he had in hand.

He then required the passenger of the vehicle to get out. None of the people present in the vehicle has not complied. It was then that in anger, the man in his fifties, pulled out his cell phone and began to film his two antagonists. While their car was driving away, he took a photo of the license plate of the vehicle and has pestered alone in the street swinging his or her cup size XL on the ground. In 2014, the actor had already been arrested for having rolled in the opposite direction in the bike, reminds Fox News. He has also held homophobic language against a photographer in 2011. His reputation as a man belligerent and short-tempered does more to prove.