The wolverine, Pac-Man celebrates 40 years

Le glouton Pac-Man fête ses 40 ans

Tokyo | forty years ago appeared in Tokyo a new game featuring a character in the form of pie-chart yellow leading races-chucking with ghosts in a maze: Pac-Man was born, and he was going to become the most famous arcade games.

The goal of the game, easy: to swallow the greedy Pac-Man all the pills in the maze, and fruit from time to time to secure additional items, while escaping the ghosts, which become faster and faster over the levels.

The greatest pleasure of players being able to persecute and eat the ghosts in their turn, for a few seconds, as soon as Pac-Man, swallowing one of the magic pills that are located in the corners of the maze.

The game initially was called Puck-Man, after a game of words with “paku”, which means “to swallow” or “swallow” in japanese.

But the game was renamed Pac-Man when it was launched in the United States, afraid that the players play to replace the “P” initial with an “F”…

The game’s creator, Toru Iwatani, had the idea of the shape of Pac-Man by taking a small slice of pizza, and realizing that the rest of the flat looked like a head with a wide open mouth.

The original Pac-Man was a game aimed at women and couples – a different audience from the one, usually male, given to the shooter games on the extra-terrestrial such as the Space Invaders, who were then the rage in Japan, told Mr. Iwatani in an interview in Wired magazine published in 2010.

The first machine of the game had been installed in a cinema in the borough of tokyo’s trendy Shibuya, rather than in an arcade room with games that are violent. And the success was immediate, according to Mr. Iwatani.

Popeye, another source of inspiration

As to his idea of being able to get Pac-Man from hunted to hunter, it came from the character of “comic” and american cartoon Popeye, the sailor whose forces are exploding as soon as he takes a box of spinach.

Creation of the video game publisher japanese Namco, which was merged in 2005 with his rival Bandai, Pac-Man has subsequently been transposed in all media, video games, consoles, to PCS via smartphones.

It has been recognized by the Guinness Book of records as the arcade game the most popular of all time.

The game has become a lucrative franchise for his publishers, with many variants, such as Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Panic (or Pac-Attack, Pac-in-Time, or Pac ‘n Roll.

Bandai Namco says that the brand name Pac-Man is “one of the most known in the world”, with an awareness rate of 90%.

In 2010, for the 30th anniversary of the original game, Google had offered users of parts unlimited of Pac-Man on its home page in place of the logo usual of its search engine: the first Doodle playable Google.

Thereafter the site location Google Maps had also changed the cards in his game Pac-Man giant.

According to Wired magazine, the highest possible score of the game is 3.333.360 points, at the end of the 256th and final level. On condition of never having been devoured once by the ghosts and eating all the pellets, fruit and ghosts as possible.

Friday, for the 40 years of the game, a hashtags dedicated to the event revolved on Twitter in Japan, taken by fans.

“The characters are so colorful and cute. I remember that I was playing a lot with my parents. Happy birthday Pac-Man!”, wrote a japanese user of the social network.

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