The word for “Singles in boutte”

MONTREAL – After having given the word to “Mothers boutte”, Channel Life will fall next to the souls lonely in the docu-reality “Singles in boutte”.

The series of 10 30-minute episodes, designed by the same production box that “Mothers boutte”, that is, Datsit Sphere, will follow the evolution of five women who churn out “dates” and relationships in the hope of meeting the ideal person, and who break your heart more often than in their turn.

The participants will share dinner and drinks to discuss their encounters and dating, and may do so to the heart, trying to unravel their “patterns” in love. Several topics will be raised (“blind date”, “speed dating”, opinion of friends and family, etc), and this, through various situations and activities.

The shooting for “Singles in boutte” will begin at the end of march, and the women tired of their celibacy can subscribe to the if they want to live the experience of the show.

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