The words of the year (2/6): “#MoiAussi, #MeToo”, a word-click to swing his pork

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The hashtag #MeToo, revived in the wake of the revelations of assaults committed by Harvey Weinstein, has been taken over more than three million times on Twitter and over 100 000 times in Canada.

A social network can feed another. The expression “MeToo” (MoiAussi) was created in 2006 by the feminist activist Tarana Burke on the MySpace website, and now toppled over into oblivion in online social networking.


Ms. Burke proposed to racialized women and abused seeking empathy. The formula came to him in mind after having received the confidences of a teenage girl sexually assaulted.


Actress Alyssa Milano has revived the word of rallying in mid-October, in the wake of revelations about the extent of the assault perpetrated by the magnate of the movie Harvey Weinstein. She called the women harassed or assaulted to use it to raise awareness of the magnitude of the epidemic. She might as well have to choose the word order #BeenRapedNeverReported (#AgresssionNonDénoncée) created in 2014 by the montreal journalist Sue Montgomery, now the mayor of the borough of CDN-NDG.


The New York Times and The New Yorker Magazine dropped the first bombs in early October and made to burst from a blow the reputation of the famous producer Weinstein. In total, more than 100 women, many of mégavedettes, are said to have been raped or stalked by Harvey Weinstein.


Global phenomenon


The languages and then the fingers were quickly unbound. It took only 24 hours for #MeToo to be resumed more than 4.7 million times on Facebook. The hashtag was repeated more than three million times on Twitter and over 100 000 times in Canada.


The activism of the word sharp brings together a global movement. The Italian use #QuellaVoltaChe (#LaFoisOù) and the Israeli formula in Hebrew meaning #NousAussi. On Wikipedia, articles #MeToo (in English) and #BalanceTonPorc (in French) correspond, as equivalent. Encyclopedias in German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and even hungarians have retained the #MeToo.


Page #BalanceTonPorc also takes care to specify that the French-speaking Canada opts for #MoiAussi. Here, the movement fueled by the journalistic investigations has quickly swept away many celebrities and public figures, including Gilbert Rozon, Eric Salvail, and Michel Brûlé.


The wave of complaints has forced police services to provide special services for the receipt of complaints. The centres d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel (CALACS), saw the calls for help multiplied by six in ten days.


A few days ago, the group Merria-Webster and his famous dictionary called “feminism” as word of the year in the United States, not in the original sense of 1841 referring to the ” quality of women “, but the “organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and their interests,” and, of course, the theory of the equality of the sexes.


It took women to the rich and famous on the frontline to create a wave of denunciations of feminists, was the actress Jane Fonda in an article published by the magazine left The Nation a few days ago. A social movement can feed another.


“Today, we seek solutions for all women,” adds the famous actress-activist. Now, it’s time to go #MoiAussi to #PlusJamais. It will take some time. It will be necessary that the women support each other beyond the divisions of race, class, ability, religion and sexual orientation. But if the problem of sexual harassment relates to the power, its a solution too. And our power grows with each manifestation of solidarity. “

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