The world after: “more humility to say to the living” for the philosopher Youssef Seddik

Le monde d’après: «plus d’humilité à se dire vivants» pour le philosophe Youssef Seddik

Confined to Tunis, the philosopher and anthropologist tunisian Youssef Seddik fun to dissect the meaning of the words and with the world. In his eyes, the pandemic of sars coronavirus is the prelude to a spirituality found.

What changes brought to us by this pandemic?

It has changed me in thinking about words, words from self and that we believed to be automatic. For example: to kill the time. What is a time of death? A time death, it is more positive. The containment must change our automatisms of language and forcing us to think better, to no longer rely on the obvious and the ready-made formulas.

It may be that we are about to usher in another thought, a bit like when we passed from the Middle Ages to the Age of reason. It is révolterait may be against the imperialism of the technique, gain, profit and wealth grabbing by a small number.

We are tired of our time who has given two world wars. Up to this day, we live on the rest of the time, the division of the world into rich countries, in developing countries and in countries formerly colonized. This has impacted negatively on the humanity. It is time, on the occasion of this pandemic, as it completely changes the software.

How this crisis affects our spirituality, in the muslim world in particular?

I found something very common to all the nations who today are suffering the pandemic, it is the relationship to death. Citizens of all countries, and even young children, have more humility to say to live and more courage to look at death.

For islam, the four pillars of worship (ramadan, pilgrimage, almsgiving, and prayer) have become more individual, they are confined within the person itself. This is very important because for a very long time in our muslim countries, the collective dimension and worship has taken on the contemplative dimension of the individual.

If it continues, it is a very good thing. This will help the islamic societies get rid of everything that is gregarious, what I call the belief of the herd. One who is easily led by a leader, a sheikh or an ideology of any kind. I believe that this advertisement for islam, a very broad future, and a way of thinking in the islam that many thinkers, works and creations since the beginning of the last century have not been able to shake.

Today, with the ban for reasons of hygiene and health of most of the group practices, I believe that people will reflect on this truth forgotten that the report must be direct and without mediation between the divine and oneself.

What solutions to advocate to the world after ?

First, fight a lot against the tendency of people to collect money for nothing and luxuries which serve only a small number.

Perhaps we should educate the people, educate our children from kindergarten on the principle and the truth that a solitary pleasure is not a pleasure and it is multiplied when it is shared. It would be necessary to review the pedagogy of usability and sociability.

If one wants the man command positively to the future, it would be necessary that the teaching changes completely. We teach people not to decipher the alphabet or to dissect a text, but to read the world. When one reads the world, we realize that the alphabet the more successful, it is the human itself.

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