The world Bank will reduce the lending of China

Всемирный банк сократит кредитование Китая

The United States has “made against the” multi-year programme of loans and projects of agencies in China/

Всемирный банк сократит кредитование Китая

A program to reduce lending to China was adopted on Thursday© Ukrainian novinewcomers Bank said Saturday that it will continue to cut lending to China after critics of U.S. President Donald trump.

“Why world Bank lends money to China? How is this possible? China has a lot of money, and if they do not, they create them. STOP!”- trump wrote on Twitter on Friday.

The Bank, which is headed by a former official of the U.S. Treasury David Malpass, in a brief statement defending its approach.

“World Bank lending to China has declined sharply and will continue to shrink as part of our agreements with all of our shareholders, including the United States.”

“We will liquidate lending, as countries become richer,” – said in a statement.

The Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin said on Thursday American lawmakers that the United States “opposed the” multi-year programme of loans and projects of agencies in China.

The programme, which includes plans to reduce lending to China, was adopted on Thursday.

The program “reflects the evolution of our relations with China,” – said on Thursday Martin raiser, Director of world Bank mission in China. “Our cooperation will be more selective.”

The public position of trump is shown on the background of negotiations between Washington and Beijing aimed at ending the 18-month trade war the US President, which aims to force China to make concessions in the protection of American business and reduction of its trade surplus.

China is investing in infrastructure and buys or rents land in many poor countries of the world. That’s just another no country got rich thanks to the Chinese money. Ukraine is also unlikely.

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