The world celebrates international whisky day

Мир празднует Международный день виски

Today, March 27, whisky fans celebrate unofficial holiday of this drink is the international day of whiskey. Recommendations on how to choose the right whiskey, given to the correspondent of “MIR 24” chef bartender restaurant “La Fabbrica” Vitaly Glotov.

“Choosing whisky, rely on your taste preferences, – said the expert. – If you prefer a lighter, rich floral and honey hints of whiskey, you should pay attention to the representatives of the regions of highland and Speyside. Whiskey of these places are widely represented in our market. Fans of powerful whiskies, saturated with iodine, peat and sea, I suggest to choose an island whisky (Islay region)”.

According to Vitaly Glotov, drying grain using peat and subsequent aging in the warehouses next to the coast make this drink unique in its kind.

Whiskey is the product of centuries of history that have shaped the geography, architecture and regulation of production of this beverage. Unlike wine, its quality does not depend much on crop. First of all, we appreciate and love the whisky for consistency of taste, which tells us the region in which it was made.