“The WORLD” gives a good: journalists visited special children in Dushanbe

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Maxim Cams


Employees of the TV channel “MIR” in Dushanbe on 1 June when the world celebrates the little people, went to visit the special children, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Zarina Abdunazarova.

The Ismoil Sharipova 10 years, but it only weighs 5.5 pounds. He’s a special boy, so the set that you need him in the first place: diapers, personal hygiene items and infant formula, juice and baby bath.

“He was born a normal child with pink cheeks, weighed 3.5 pounds. We then rejoiced with her husband their first born, especially my husband really wanted a boy first. A month later, he started having constant seizures. We’ve been treated. After a year I was told that Ismail will be disabled”, – said the mother of Ismail, zebuniso Sharipova.

Zebuniso recalls how after the terrible words fell into a swoon, but in a boarding school son did not give. And 10 years is almost one fighting for his life. Microcephaly, cerebral palsy, rickets, a developmental disorder of the hands and feet – a full diagnosis Ismail takes a few lines.

“He is the only child in Tajikistan with this diagnosis and complications. I always look for peers Ismail, and I feel so sorry for becoming my son, because he can’t eat, walk, talk. However, smiling at me. He cannot understand that you came to congratulate him on his holiday, but if he could, said thank you,” said Sharipova, zebuniso.

And to the sisters Gorbunov reporters came with the products, educational games and sweets. Girls from poor families, so such gifts are rare.

“Now they have something to play, since we have these toys were not. Will play on the street and at home. As children our happy, happy and I,” says the mother Alla Gorbunova.

She does not let it go for a new scooter, she’s never rode this. And Shahzoda interest shows are not particularly shy, although looking at the videos.

One carousel after another, girls are trying to play on each machine, I learned quickly. If the first machine flew in a Board, then on the third they were no help. Well, unless you press on the pedal or get on a high horse. When it came time to go home, girls did not upset: was in a hurry to new gifts.

“Today, the holiday was a success. We have never had such a holiday. Thank you” – thanks Shahzoda Gorbunova.

“The WORLD” gives good and today he did let the happy few, but needy children. The action of the channel continues.