“The world” has become incredibly clear! Don’t be an analogue of transition to “figure”!

PHOTO : MIR / Kukovsky Artem


In Russia June 3 to begin the third wave of transition from analog broadcasting to digital. With the launch of the “numbers” Russians will receive a free set of 20 channels of high quality, including TV channel “MIR”.

In the next phase of digitalization of analog broadcasting is shut off from the 62 million people in 36 regions of the country. To “figure” has already crossed 50 million Russians of the 28 regions. The digitization process will be completed in autumn – the final wave off “analog” in the remaining 21 regions will take place on 14 October.

To configure the television equipment for the transition to digital free help by trained volunteers.

See “WORLD” in digital quality on the 18 button!