The world’s first hotel for the elderly opens in Italy

Первую в мире гостиницу для пожилых людей откроют в Италии

In the Italian resort town of Rimini in the summer, opened an unusual hotel. The hotel is designed specifically for the elderly. The institution will 33 rooms, it was built on donations to maintain the hotel will be volunteers, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

According to the authors, we are talking about a cozy hotel, not a nursing home. He got the name of the hotel will accommodate only the people of venerable age. To create a similar institution decided the lawyer Lino Falzarano and Pamela Lobuono. They said that their goal is to help the elderly to overcome loneliness.

It is noted that the hotel provides a range of services, including assistance staff, special menus in the restaurant, as well as activities that match their age – playing cards, karaoke, dancing, playing in the gym and the pool.

In the administration of the hotel promised at check in not to impose strict criteria on age or family status.

Earlier it was reported that in Italy are going to create a fancy restaurant. Catering service will be under water.