The world’s media: caught between two worlds country Ukraine

Мировые СМИ: застрявшая между двумя мирами страна Украина

Gradually, Ukrainian news off the front pages of the world media. However, if you believe CNN, in the near future Ukraine will take the first lines of news feeds, because this country has firmly taken place in the midst of a world of scandals. So the news that a temporary lull is just a respite for journalists and an opportunity to see that in this world there are other countries and other problems, in addition to Ukrainian. Although the same CNN, worrying about “defenseless” Ukraine gives advice to Zelensky need from all the stands to shout about their problems, and best of all – to come to Congress and just ask for help. Financial, of course.

However, the American magazine The American Conservative with this idea can compete. Because according to research it was American dollars nurtured corruption around the world, but the best she grew up in Ukraine, probably where the climate was most suitable. So the magazine advises to stop giving out money to all and Sundry – by the need. So Ukraine will have to rely on overseas contradictory advice, and get out of stuff over the past five years on their own.

That controversial Ukrainian billionaire Igor Kolomoisky says the same thing, suddenly revising his views on the future of Ukraine and Russia. And svidomye “patriots” after his interview with The New York Times demanded to expel the oligarchs from the country.

The New York Times: Ukraine should forget about the West and start talking about peace with Russia

Ukrainian billionaire Igor Kolomoisky in an interview, one of the most famous American Newspapers urged Ukrainians to stop looking to the EU and the USA and try to restore normal relations with Russia.

“She is still stronger. We need to improve our relationship. People want peace, a good life, they don’t want to fight. The Americans forced us to war and even give her money”, – quotes the edition the shocking truth from Kolomoisky.

Мировые СМИ: застрявшая между двумя мирами страна Украина

According to a scandalous billionaire, Ukraine still does not take into NATO, which means “there is no point to waste time on empty talk, but Russia would be happy to take us in a new Warsaw agreement”.

NYT recalls that just five years ago, Kolomoisky has adopted a totally different attitude: becoming the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, he financed the creation of the volunteer battalions as “regular army at that time was still too weak.”

Today he scolds the West, which has cheated the Ukraine, “without an adequate funding” and calls the Ukrainians to turn to the East.

The publication notes that in all troubles of Ukraine Kolomoisky blames specifically the United States, which arms the Ukrainians decided to weaken its geopolitical rival – Russia.

Now, in his opinion, it is time to stop and to forget everything that happened, starting in 2014.

“Give it five or ten years, and the blood will be forgotten” – says he.

Besides, Russia could make loans in the same way as the IMF, which puts numerous conditions before giving money to debt.

“We’ll take the Russian $ 100 billion. I think today they would like us to highlight them. What is the fastest way to resolve problems and restore relationships? Only with the help of money” – no doubt a billionaire.

The NYT reminds us that rumours about the influence Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky can be true – more and more signs talking about it.

And his statement that “he frantically considering how to end this war”, refusing, however, to disclose the details, because the Americans “will ruin everything and intervene”, are of serious concern.

Although Kolomoisky and denies all allegations in influencing Zelensky, however, his words sound ominous enough: “If I put on glasses and look at yourself through the eyes of the rest of the world, I seem to myself a monster, puppet master, patron Zelensky, the one who builds the apocalyptic plans. However, I am unable to implement this in reality, I have the opportunity to bring it all to life.”

The American Conservative: Corruption in Ukraine has increased the US money

American journal believes that Ukraine is a striking example of how foreign aid makes a corrupt country even more corrupt.

Мировые СМИ: застрявшая между двумя мирами страна Украина

Although it is assumed that the United States your finances be invaluable in the fight against Ukrainian corruption. And no one stops to think how foreign aid is harmful, and it is especially harmful to Ukraine.

In their statements the publication refers to the results of the study, which was published in the journal American Economic Review in 2002. Then it was concluded that “the increase of foreign aid is directly linked to rising levels of corruption” and “corruption is clearly associated with the assistance received from the United States.”

Although after the publication of the results of this study, President George W. Bush decided that it makes no sense to provide financial assistance to corrupt countries, his administration continued to distribute billions of dollars the most corrupt regimes in the world.

In 2010, President Barack Obama said at the UN that America will to eradicate corruption across the globe, despite the fact that the Congress was trying to reduce wasteful aid programme.

Under Obama, the newspaper notes that the American taxpayers ‘ money poured into the bottomless wells of corruption around the world. And corruption only grew stronger.

The American Conservative reminds us that the United States began to help Ukraine since the 90-ies of the last century. Since that time in this country and began the growth of corruption.

“Today, Ukraine occupies the 120th place, behind only Pakistan and Egypt, which also receive generous assistance from the United States,” – said the publication.

“If US aid was really effective, the Ukraine has long become the Paradise of the dictatorship of the law. Perhaps the new President of the country Vladimir Zelensky sincere in their attempts to root out corruption. However, in relation to him and his country just insulting to pretend that Ukraine is not able to police itself without the help of Donald trump. The best way to eradicate corruption in a foreign country – to put an end to foreign aid” – confidently says The American Conservative.

Rzeczpospolita: Polish Economic boom – the case of Ukrainians

Мировые СМИ: застрявшая между двумя мирами страна Украина

Ukrainian workers in Poland

One of the most popular Polish Newspapers, sounding the alarm and offering the poles a different view on Ukrainian workers, who are the main driving force of the Polish economy, and try to improve their working conditions.

“The contribution of Ukrainians in the growth of Polish GDP over the last five years is almost equal to the contribution of the poles themselves, employment in manufacturing in Poland. However, in Warsaw did not think about how to ease the life of Ukrainian labor migrants that they wanted to continue to work in Poland, and not left, if there are prospects”, – the newspaper notes.

The growth of the Polish economy started in 2014, when the neighbouring country started a civil war and mass Exodus of citizens. Since then, the Polish economy grew by 22% – and in it a huge merit of Ukrainians who have fled from war and economic devastation in their homeland.

Rzeczpospolita stresses that the Polish economy has grown rapidly not from the fact that increased productivity, but only because there was a lot of very cheap labor, today the citizens of Ukraine on the labour market in Poland more than a million, although the exact figure can not be called one and it is certainly much more official.

Due to the fact that the economic boom in Poland was the result of the influx of a large number of workers, this will not continue indefinitely.

“This fact worries economists, because Poland can no longer rely on an influx of immigrants at its current pace. In 2018, for the first time in 2014, this rate slowed down. The improvement of the economic situation in Ukraine will stop the mass emigration of its citizens. But the unstable situation of the majority of immigrants working in Poland, creates the risk that they will return home when conditions in their country change or go further West in search of better working conditions and higher earnings,” warns Rzeczpospolita.

CNN: Ukraine’s Future is in the fog

Мировые СМИ: застрявшая между двумя мирами страна Украина

American broadcaster CNN is worried about “defenseless” Ukraine, which is not willing to help the “evil tramp”. But Ukraine needed help right now, when Kiev faces difficult negotiations with Moscow. How can you negotiate without knowing whether the United States, if suddenly something goes not so.

“In normal circumstances Ukraine, a traditional ally of the United States could count on the support of Washington in its interactions with Russia. However, the focus of the White house on the hearings part of the process of impeachment and accusations that trump was trying to get Zelensky to dig up dirt on Joe and hunter Biden, turns into a void, which the President of Russia Vladimir Putin may take,” reads the article published on the CNN website.

In Ukraine in General there was no one of the US representatives that could provide at least some assistance to an inexperienced young President Zelensky: the US Ambassador in Kiev Mary Jovanovic recalled, and Kurt Volker, the U.S. special representative for Ukraine, he resigned.

And while many politicians in Washington claim that will support Ukraine “for the sake of strengthening security and prosperity,” CNN does not believe in the “bright future” of Ukraine.

“When the leader of the most powerful country in the world feels deep and almost inexplicable hostility to Ukraine, at the same time respectful to Putin, this suggests that Zelensky and his country expects much more grim and uncertain future,” predicts the author of the article, the political scientist Michael Bociurkiw.

This means that Kiev will have to agree to the autonomy of Donbass. After all, the new government of Ukraine in the short term too many failures – I failed to lift the ban on sale of agricultural land, failed to reform the judicial system, moreover, the Western partners a lot of questions about the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky

According to the author, the Zelensky in such a difficult situation, there is only one way out – to come and speak in the U.S. Congress, appealing to the American public asking them not to leave Ukraine in the lurch, and to continue to provide assistance.

Very good advice from overseas scientist to come to Washington with an outstretched hand, and suddenly you’re lucky?..

CNN: Ukraine – at the epicenter of all scandals

Мировые СМИ: застрявшая между двумя мирами страна Украина

Viktor Orban and Donald trump

American television almost every day worried about the fate of Ukraine – this time about the fact that it “offends” Hungary, which was again vetoed the joint statement of the ambassadors of NATO countries in Ukraine.

“The word “veto” sounds very rude. Let’s instead say we recommend further consideration. Disputes concerning the situation in Ukraine, where the Hungarian minority is suffering from legal discrimination,” CNN quoted the press Secretary of the Hungarian government, zoltán kovács (Kovács Zoltán).

In Hungary believe that “Ukraine can never be stable and democratic country, if she does not give minorities, including Hungarians, that they’re supposed to”. And do not stop to criticize the new Ukrainian law on education, which denies children of national minorities the right to study in their native language.

CNN believes that the world is “alarming triumvirate”: Donald trump “was effusive praise Orban at a meeting at the White house this year, and appreciated the strict immigration policy of the Hungarian Prime Minister and stating that Hungary is “a very good member of NATO.” Orban, on the other hand, made no secret that support in a 2016 campaign of Donald trump. But the most important thing is that both Orban and the tramp – a positive attitude to Putin and all three negatively to Ukraine.

“Many analysts in the field of foreign policy expressed concern with the sincere support that trump has Orban, especially given the nature of the relationship of the tramp with Putin. Even more anxiety cause a close relationship with Orban and Putin and the Russian International investment Bank that moves its headquarters in Budapest” – scare Americans CNN.

And warns that we should not be complacent about the fact that Orban’s words acknowledged the geographic significance of Ukraine in an interview with Atlantic, because after he said that “not to provoke Russia, why he opposed the anti-Russian sanctions.”

“Obviously, in the current season of scandal all roads lead to Ukraine”, – concluded CNN.

Foreign Policy: Ukraine is a country stuck between two worlds

“The policy of Ukraine and the United States are deeply intertwined: U.S. President Donald trump and the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky hold in their hands the political destinies of each other. Trump could help with weapons and political support to Kiev, or may refuse. On the other hand, Zelensky may add mud into the procedure of impeachment of the President of the United States or to add facts to denigrate his political opponents. And more and more strange politics in Washington is reminiscent of Kiev”, – writes the American magazine that publishes political news.

Well, that US policy and the policy of Ukraine is becoming more and more similar to each other, according to major magazine, my bad, of course Russia, because “Ukrainian and American policy covered riots, which exacerbated existing political divisions and plunging both countries into chaos,” only the fault of the Kremlin.

Russia is also to blame for the fact that Ukrainian society was split into two camps – one look with hope to the East, others to the West. While leading politicians and oligarchs decided to play the “both fields”.

“Instead of making a final choice, they jealously guard their status and flexibility, often providing support to several candidates behind the scenes and often changing positions as the political winds change. Ironically, in a sharply polarized environment, flexibility is the greatest political asset. The majority of Ukrainian oligarchs have earned a fortune under Pro-Russian President Yanukovych in 2010 – 2014 years, is survived by his resignation, and then actively supported the nationalist President, Petro Poroshenko, in some cases even gathering a private army to deal with Russian incursions in the East,” writes FP.

And today the same thing is happening in Washington, where it becomes the norm the same behavior of politicians. Who is to blame, wonders edition. And answers – of course, Russia. Yes, and trump, according to FP, is becoming more and more similar to Ukrainian oligarchs.

“So the interweaving of the policies of America and Ukraine is not an accident, but a result of the conflict with Russia, which polarized both the nation and spawned politicians who benefit from the conflict. The United States under the leadership trump has lost its former political weight in the international arena and become like the Ukraine, a country stuck between two worlds,” concludes Foreign Policy.

Interia: Too many “cons” in the activities Zelensky

Мировые СМИ: застрявшая между двумя мирами страна Украина

Polish Internet portal has published an interview with former Polish Ambassador in Kiev, Jan Hell, in which the diplomat explained the reasons why Kiev is always involved in scandals and has told about prospects of Ukraine.

“From the point of view of strategic interests of the United States, the European Union and Russia “control” over Ukraine, and to some extent also over Poland and the Baltic States is very important for all three parties. Well, since the interests of the parties converge at one point – this will be the epicentre of the conflict,” explains the diplomat.

According to him, American political scandal affected the image of Ukraine, but the loss of image – not the worst. The most terrible is the loss of American support, which is quite obvious. But that’s not all. Jan Pieklo believes that the worst thing that could have done Zelensky, is “to agree with the words of Donald trump that Merkel and macron a little help Kiev, and not just to agree, but to call it outrageous.”

And now the Ukrainian President is in a very difficult situation – between two fires. However, I’m sure the diplomat, such punctures have the new Ukrainian President too much.

“He’s not too skillfully played dealing with the settlement of the situation in the Donbass, the so-called Normandy format and formula Steinmeier, i.e., talks involving the leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. Zelensky was not able to explain to his countrymen what he wants and wait for large-scale protests. His rating is reduced. However, the President relied on his charisma that I forgot about the basic principles of communication with society and have ignored the issues associated with the introduction of formula Steinmeier,” writes Interia.

According to forecasts of scorching heat, it is impossible to hope for a speedy resolution of the crisis in Ukraine. Because for all errors Zelensky must be added the problem of Igor Kolomoisky – a notorious Ukrainian oligarch, who has his interests in Ukraine.

“Kolomoisky recently lost a case in the court of Appeal of London, he will have to pay “PrivatBank”, in which he was a principal shareholder, ten million pounds. What all this portends in fact, is still unknown,” says former Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Ian Hell.

Die Welt: Europe wants to turn off Kiev from the Russian energy

Мировые СМИ: застрявшая между двумя мирами страна Украина

Tereblya-Rykska hydroelectric power station is part of the Burshtyn energy island

“Moscow and Kiev are still traded on the transport of gas to the West via pipelines through Ukraine. However, we plan to bind Ukraine to the West is not only about gas, it is necessary to break the connection with the Russian energy system that will witness the final withdrawal of Ukraine from Russia. In the future, Ukraine should be integrated into a continental electricity grid of Europe, in which the electricity will be free to move from the Atlantic coast to Donbass”, – said the German newspaper.

However, not all are happy with such a prospect recognizes the issue, and the resistance of the opponents can spoil the fun.

Among those against Poland, which does not need a competitor with cheap electricity, and Ukrainian oligarchs, who do not need the strict standards of the European Union on climate protection.

But even if there were no opponents, in this plan there are serious technical obstacles, explains Die Welt. These obstacles are associated with different levels of frequency – in the European electroslag necessary to maintain the level of 50 Hertz, otherwise it can happen a massive power outage throughout Europe.

“To prevent such transmission lines to Hungary, Slovakia and Poland should be modernized, and power plants and the power grid in Ukraine it is necessary to retrofit stabilizers. A couple of years, maybe, and will set the stage for the so-called synchronization of Ukraine with a network of ENTSO-E,” – writes Die Welt.

But these plans of the EU with regard to Ukraine, it seems, it is not very concerned about the prospect of obtaining real independence from Russia, complains edition. The Ukrainian oligarchs are now occupied with that “lobbying for the strip line DC to the new Belarusian NPP in Ostrovets, which will be the alternative to the network connection isolates the EU and Ukrainian energy market from Western European”.

“It seems that the EU diplomats involved in the energy industry, will have much to suffer, utresa problems with Ukraine”, – says Die Welt.

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