The youthfulness of the face without surgery: what is fasig

Why is fitness for the face again became so popular, and what exactly he gives.

Молодість обличчя без операцій: що таке фейсбілдинг

The trends of healthy lifestyle in recent years become more and more popular. If previously, in order to return your skin to its former elasticity, and face – beautiful oval and chiseled cheekbones, everyone was running to plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, now written to coach fasbinder, informs Rus.Media.

Why is fitness for the face again became so popular, and that actually it gives?

It is no secret that the fashion comes to us from the West, and trends in skin care often “join” from the East. So, the last few years Hollywood stars, after watching forever young colleagues from the East, began to abandon the fillers, fibres and Botox is in favor of the old, but no less effective methods of rejuvenation. We’re talking about fitness for individuals (also called yoga for the face and hasbinding).

Hasbinding, unlike facelift and injections of neurotoxins does not changes the appearance and makes the facial expressions are stiff as a plastic doll. But facial exercises are just lead to muscle tone, harmonizing facial features and giving him back a nice shape. Moreover, as exercise for the body, from hasbinding improves circulation of blood and lymph, swelling disappear, evens the complexion. And due to the fact that muscles become more elastic, the skin also flattens out.

With the acceleration of blood circulation, the skin cells receive more oxygen and nutrients starts the process of collagenases, which leads to the fact that fine wrinkles disappear and creases of fatigue (from dehydration, for example). Thus, exercises for the facelift make you look younger.

The essence of fitness for persons to work on the muscles of the face. Since they also require workout, just like muscles of the body. After all, if they lose tone, then in 30 years you can look like a lady, and that’s the last thing we want in this life.

In General, hasbinding aimed at maintaining muscle tone, but along the way you will tighten the skin and get rid of fluid retention and swelling, get clearly traced the oval of the face and cheekbones, the dream of many girls.

Fitness for the face is variety of exercises, some of them aim at relaxation and removal of the clamps, they are good clean creases of anger in the nose and smooth forehead wrinkles, remove nasolabial folds. Other exercises help to remove excess fluid from the tissues and almost aggressive “pump” the muscle to lift the cheeks and improve facial contours.

To your facial features looked harmoniously, it is best to use those and other exercises. It’s like fitness: first, a few exercises for warming up, then a complex for the intensive pumping muscles, then an easy hitch in order to relax muscles.

This technique should be done daily and at first it is advisable to do fitness for persons under the supervision of a specialist to avoid problems. The result, as with any form of exercise, it will be visible only from regular training.