Theater: “It's still uncertainty”


The theaters of Quebec and Montreal must cancel 148 performances because of the new government measures put in place. A situation which once again plunges theaters into uncertainty.

In Quebec City, 77 performances of plays that were on the schedule at Trident, La Bordée, Périscope and Premier Acte were affected.

In Montreal, 71 performances were planned at Chez Duceppe, at the Licorne, at the TNM and at the Théâtre du Rideau-Vert.

“October was our big month in this alternate season. We had sold more than 8,000 tickets for our shows which were on display until December. This decision will lead to significant financial losses, ”said Amélie Duceppe, Chez Duceppe.

Some of the performances have been postponed after October.

“What's going to happen in 28 days?” Will this period be extended by 14 days? Will the number of spectators admitted go from 250 to 50? It's still uncertain, ”said Bruno Brochu, administrative director of the La Bordée theater in Quebec.

La Bordée postponed the readings of the plays La controverse by Valladolid and La Corneille to the beginning of 2021. The first two performances of The guy from Quebec , scheduled for October 27 and 28, have been moved to a later date to be determined shortly.


Bruno Brochu is worried about the future of the theater.

“I'm afraid that this will lead to a lack of positivism and that the people in the field will decide to change jobs or to reorient themselves”, he said.

The Théâtre du Nouveau-Monde will present, via webcast, the productions Prélude à la nuit des rois (October 9 to 18) and Peter and the Wolf (October 16 to 25) and The Little Prince (October 30 to November 8, with the Metropolitan Orchestra,

At the Trident, the plays What we breathe on Tatouine , Les barbelés , Exercices de style and La sagouine , which had been playing since September 22, have been canceled. Activities have been suspended until further notice.

“We are in shock. We do not understand this decision, but we comply with it out of solidarity. We had set up a super safe protocol and prepared some wonderful proposals. I am worried about the future of our profession, ”said artistic director and co-director general Anne-Marie Olivier, during an exchange on Messenger.


At the Périscope theater in Quebec City, the October performances of the play Le pommetier are canceled. Much like those of I'm Mixed , Vivarium and The Amputated Years were scheduled for the next four weeks. Some could be postponed.

“We are obviously very disappointed with the closure of the theaters. We had everything in place for the safety of the public and the staff. We had rethought a cabaret-style configuration where each family unit had its own separate space, separated by protective screens in addition to respecting all other sanitary measures. We believe that together we must stop this second wave, ”said Marie-Ève Dumont, Executive Director of the Théâtre Périscope.

La Licorne et le Théâtre de la Manufacture in Montreal has chosen to postpone the 17 performances of the play De ta force de vivre which were to be on view from October 6 to 24.

The Théâtre du Rideau-Vert does the same with the 23 October performances of Adieu Monsieur Haffman . Those scheduled for September 29 and 30 are presented.

Le Diamant, in the Old Capital, is suspending its activities for the month of October. The Andromaque shows in Creole and the activities planned to mark the 50th anniversary of the October Crisis are affected.

“It's particularly hard to close just a few weeks after being allowed to resume our activities. Hopefully this second wave will be the last. As soon as possible, we will revive the performing arts for our greater good, ”said Director General Bernard Gilbert in a press release.

At Premier Acte in Quebec City, the six performances of Freeze-up – Sur les routes de exil are currently suspended.

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