Theatre in your living room: two new productions online

Du théâtre dans votre salon: deux nouvelles productions en ligne

Two theatrical productions that have been presented to The Lined and Theatre Periscope will be disseminated and available online on the web.

The play lentement la beauté, which had started the season 2019-2020 of The Broadside, will be presented on Thursday 9 April at 20h, on the page Facebook of the Théâtre niveau Parking.

This creation tells the story of a man who seeks and which, in contact with art, will be brought to see things in another way.

This man, a civil servant played by Hugues Frenette, wins tickets to go see the play Chekhov’s The three sisters. He will be fascinated by what he sees. This piece, created in 2003, still sounding very strong, 17 years later.

The Theatre Periscope, and the collective We are here and Wolfe come to put online the entire docu-theatre, Among others, presented in the spring of 2019.

The creation collective is interested in the fears associated with the rise of identity groups, the antiféminisme, the strong presence of catholicism and the denial surrounding climate change.

The piece tells a wide-ranging survey carried out by seven actors from the conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec. They have conducted sixty interviews in order to better understand the dissonance of the many points of view that are expressed in the public sphere.

The room is accessible by pages in Facebook the Theatre Periscope, and those of the collective We are here, and Wolfe.

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