Their way of facing the COVID-19

Leur manière d’affronter la COVID-19

Evelyne and Barry followed the instructions to the letter

YVAN COURNOYER never does his 76 years, but it no longer leaves the house. Evelyne, much younger, sees at the grocery store, the pharmacy and the transition to the SAQ. A lot of tv for the Cournoyer, who thank the inventor of FaceTime, and it is about to install the ping-pong table in the basement.

Thanks to Pascale, Rodger has learned that he must not mix colours when washing

RODGER BRULOTTE Quebec, Quebec ! Hello, stay at home ! “He also insists. Rodger is at home with Pascale Valley, his wife, and, plugged on Illico, the couple admits to never having as much market. Every day, Rodger communicates with at least five of his friends and account to make personal contact with all the players of major League Baseball Elite du Quebec, of which he is president.

With Stephanie and Yvon, the children are eager to go back to school

YVON MICHEL, Stéphanie Drolet and children, Sylvio (high school) and Matéo (primary) are like clockwork. In the morning, working at home, the parents work on the phone, at a distance. The children, via the net, work as if they were in school. After dinner, everyone is at the meeting of François Legault. At 16 h, children have the right to appointment to FaceTime with friends. Evening movie with the family and the little guys are camping in the basement. Yvon says a proverb : “Live for what tomorrow has to offer not for what yesterday you removed. “Noted.

Grand-dad Guy with the little Sienna-Rose

GUY LAFLEUR Grand-dad Guy has adopted a new sport : the rocking chair. He is still stunned to see the magnitude of this crisis, and realize as never before the privilege of being able to grow old. Confined with Lise, his message is to follow the guidelines and appreciate the work of heroes. Flower insisted : “Stay home. ”

Mom, Janie, Julia, Gabrielle, Valerie, and dad, Jean-Jacques

At the end of the activities, the coach of the Halifax Mooseheads, JEAN-JACQUES DAIGNEAULT returned home at St-Adolphe. With his wife Janie and two of her daughters, Valerie (22 years old) and Juliette 12 years, who are studying via the internet. Gabrielle, the oldest, married, and living in Virginia, remains close to the family via FaceTime. The Daigneault are also artists. It sings, plays music, and JJ realizes that when he had his clan with him, he no longer has need of much else. He would advise not hesitating to call people you love.

Steven researched always

STEVEN FINN, the former defender of the Northern, through the crisis alone, but it is literally immersed in what he loves, reading. Of novels, the psycho, the economy, the one which has become an interesting speaker has never ceased to train rigorously, in addition to make long walks. His message invites us to realize that this break represents an opportunity to do an introspection on our values, our priorities, our habits and our relationships.

Leisa and josh you are in solidarity

STÉPHANE RICHER and his wife Leisa Guèvremont comply with the instructions and train together in the gym of the house. On tv, Stéphane loves to watch old NHL games and see how the “game” has changed. The 44 has also demonstrated his talent as a painter in the basement. Leisa did not return.

Line and Guy say thank you to Fabienne Larouche and Luc Dionne

GUY CARBONNEAU and Line are voluntarily placed in quarantine for nearly 20 days. Guy said he was thinking to send a gift to Fabienne Larouche. Line and it is literally hanging on to District 31 that they had never watched before. Four seasons a delay Line which has started to cook like never. Guy admits that this is not easy, but that he and his wife do not have to complain; and this is the Guy who goes to the grocery store.

France and Gilles together in the face of adversity

GILLES COURTEAU, commissioner of the QMJHL for the past 35 years is an incredible example of stability. Also, he is in a relationship with his wife France for 40 years. They are great both and Gilles realizes that he has never cooked so many meals even if it assigns to spend his days on the phone. At the end of the day, the couple walking, each with its headphones and the evening ends, glued on the couch in front of the tv.

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