There are 4 hormone because of which you gain weight. Here’s how to turn them off

Есть 4 гормона, из-за которых вы набираете вес. Вот как их отключить

Weight — the scourge of modern society, writes Andrei Laslău.

The problem is not only that the obesity spoils the appearance and complicates the purchase of clothing. It is also the right path to many diseases — heart attack, diabetes, even cancer.

There are many diets, exercises and supplements designed to help you get rid of extra pounds. The main rule one: spend more calories than you consume.

You must know that all of the body’s processes (including metabolism) are regulated by special substances — hormones. If the hormonal balance is disturbed, it can affect the metabolism and prevent you lose weight.

Let’s see what hormones affect weight and what you can do with them:

1. Insulin.

This hormone is produced by the pancreas to convert sugar into energy and store the fat in the body.

Excessive carbohydrate consumption can cause insulin resistance. This is a condition in which the body’s cells cannot accept the insulin.

Eventually the pancreas starts to produce more insulin to compensate for this problem. Overproduction of insulin also leads to obesity and metabolic syndrome.

What to do?

Try to include in the diet as little as possible refined sugars and carbohydrates. Eat more protein and omega-3 oils, regular exercise and drink plenty of water.

2. Cortisol.

Many are accustomed to “seize” the stress. This is because in moments of emotional stress, the adrenal glands produce more of the stress hormone cortisol.

Under chronic stress your cortisol levels are constantly high, which increases appetite and cravings for sweet foods.

What to do?

Learn to cope with stress in a healthy way. Pick a physical activity that helps relieve stress. This can be meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, tai Chi, etc.

3. Leptin.

The so-called “satiety hormone” leptin is synthesized by adipocytes (fat cells). Its main function is to provide the sense of fullness.

Leptin tells the brain that energy stores in the body are already full, so time to put the spoon. Unfortunately, with obesity this protective mechanism ceases to operate due to the resistance to leptin. As a result, the brain does not feel that it is time to stop eating.

This problem is related to hyperinsulinemia and inflammation of the hypothalamus.

What to do?

To increase sensitivity to leptin, to eat anti-inflammatory foods: fatty fish, berries, avocados, grapes. Refrain from chips, burgers, biscuits and other sources of TRANS fats because they promote inflammation. Also, healthy sleep and regular exercise.

4. Ghrelin.

This hormone is one of the main reasons of your appetite. It is produced when you long to eat and decreases after meals.

Research shows that obesity takes more food to reduce the level of ghrelin. In the end, the hypothalamus sends a signal about the saturation of the whole body.

What to do?

To take control of the production of ghrelin, refrain from sugary foods and drinks and add to your diet more protein.

And you wonder, where does the appetite?

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