There has been no investigation on the financial health of WE Charity

Il n’y a pas eu d’enquête sur la santé financière de WE Charity

Officials have not examined the financial health of WE Charity before entrusting him with nearly a billion dollars in exchange for the volunteer student.

“There has been no thorough investigation as to the financial statements of WE Charity “, said today head of the federal public service, the clerk of the privy Council, Ian Shugart.

Mr. Shugart is testifying this time before the Committee of commons on finance, which meets again in the aim of shedding light on the grant without a call for offers to the body close to the family Trudeau.

Asked by the tory mp Pierre Poilievre, the clerk of the privy Council said it had received “no warning” of the part of its teams with respect to the finances of the organization.

However, the organization Charity Intelligence, an organization that studies the finances of over 750 charities throughout the country, has raised the red flag more than once to encourage the public to think twice before you entrust your money to WE Charity.

The charity, which has donated more than$ 300,000 to the mother, the brother and the wife of Justin Trudin is in debt up to his neck, pours out a considerable portion of its funds to a private company owned by its founders, the brothers Kielburger, and invests in real estate.

“If someone in Ottawa had done his homework, he would have seen that and would have raised questions,” said the Newspaper, Karen Brehan, the director of Charity Intelligence, pointing to the financial report non-consolidated of WE Charity for the year 2018-2019, ending 31 August.

Testify before committees of the commons is an exercise that has proved perilous to the clerk of the privy Council. The predecessor of Mr. Shugart, Michael Wernick, resigned after giving evidence to the commons to explain in the case of SNC-Lavalin.

Since the beginning of the case WE Charity, the government asserts that the decision to grant the contract to WE Charity was borne out of a recommendation of the public service “professional and impartial”.

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