“There is a real threat that the “ukrbud” will collapse and it will be ten new “Elite-center”

What happens to the largest construction company in Kiev, and then wait for the people that bought from her home.

"Появилась реальная угроза, что "Укрбуд" рухнет и это будет десять новых "Элита-центров"

What happens to the “Ukrbud”Company “ukrbud” once again became the center of a scandal. “Country” wrote that in September, her now ex-owner and former people’s Deputy Maksym mykytas reported that out of the construction business, selling “ukrbud development” “group non-public investors.”

But the market immediately went the rumors that Mikitaka simply pressed “ukrbud” or he is “severing ties”. Because at that time more than 20 construction sites of the company have already been frozen, and the buyer of the apartments was visibly nervous.

Recently Mikitas issued another batch of sensational, stating that “ukrbud development” illegally sold to the restaurateur Dmitry Fedotenkova, and arranged everything, including the forged signature Mikitaka, allegedly, the CEO of the company Oleg Mayboroda. That is, him and his “accomplices” now, the responsibility for thousands of defrauded buyers of apartments.

With the last of the “Ukrbud” is really the problem. People have petitioned President Vladimir Zelensky with the request to personally intervene in the situation. The building, which seems a bit more active again now stand.

That is, the “ukrbud” may well become the new “Elite center”, burying almost the entire capital a primary. But in this story, a lot happens behind the scenes.

As it became known “the Country”, it is possible that in the near future to objects of the “Ukrbud” will enter developer. Plus trying to regain control of the company Maxim Mikitas. And while there are squabbles, to build unlikely to start. So, the chances of people remain without apartments, unfortunately, high.

The country understood what was happening with the “Ukrbud” and what to prepare buyers of apartments in troubled homes.

Mikitas returns?

In the original version of Mikitaka sale “Ukrbud” some “non-public investors”, few believed. The market exaggerated rumors that Mikitaka simply squeeze the business. Or is the scheme “cover” – Mikitas formally rewrite the business to other people. In addition, some 25 new buildings, “ukrbud” is a lucrative public contracts (in particular contracts for the Shulyavska bridge construction in the Chernobyl zone, and other objects).

There were rumors that the company claims major developer of Kyiv and another Chapter of OP Andrey Bogdan Andrew Vavrish. According to another version – in fact, supposedly, he Bogdan.

Once in the databases lit up the new owners, suspicions are further intensified.

“Ukrbud development” rewrote the top Manager of a little-known company service vehicles Eugenia Deakin and Basil farmer’s Field. Once it became clear that this front face.

But recently there appeared information about the possible appointment of the head of company former head GASK Sergey Kucher, who has long been linked with Maxim Minicases. And it intensified a wave of rumors that Mikitas wants to regain control of the company.

He Mikitas, who after September’s announcements of withdrawal from building business with the subsequent landing in jail and out of her giant Deposit is not made itself felt, suddenly launched into a revelation.

In the broadcast channel “Straight” he said that the sale of assets “ukrbud development” was organized by the CEO of the company Oleg Mayboroda. The buyer is a well – known restaurateur Dmitry Fedotenkov.

Mikitas also said that was looking for investors for the “Ukrbud” and even signed some MOUs, such a “pontiki”, which, according to Michitaka, “have no legal registration and legal consequences.”

Then, according to him, most of these memoranda were forged, forged his signature on documents. But legal re-registration of the company, according to Michitaka, was not, and she, as before, belongs to him.

He said that after became a member, handed over the company to the management of Oleg Maiboroda (the General Director of the “ukrbud development”.

But it remained a beneficiary of all main companies (“ukrbud development” and “UKRBUDINVEST”).

And now, according to Mikitaka, he lost all the assets.

“This is Mr. Fedotenkov and Mr. Mayboroda. I would also like to emphasize, is Lord Marmis, who was the chief lawyer for the people which very much formed also of the assets belonging to the “Ukrbud”. And these three people are responsible to the investors for what needs to be completed and by what means,” said Mikitas.

According to him, in the company of withdrawn assets to 4 billion UAH.

I mean, it’s obvious that Mikitas wants, first, to distance themselves from the problems of the “Ukrbud”, which tipped the fate of the second “Elite centre”, and secondly, if possible, if not to regain the company, then at least something else from her squeeze.

The response from his opponents was not long in coming.

“All these two months after the sale of the business, he (Mikitas – Ed.) trying to get the money in advance, knowing that it is not to answer to the people who bought apartments, and Directors. That only was not: the threat from Mikitaka, “arrow” with reputable people, communication with influential businessmen and politicians, which Mikitas was connected to this issue”, – said General Director of “ukrbud Development” Oleg Mayboroda.

Incidentally, he is not in debt left and I posted on his page in Facebook “compromising” on Mikitaka.

“One of the last cars maxima Mikitaka – Lamborghini Urus, worth $ 700,000. Was the first in Ukraine. There are armored Maybach for 600 thousand dollars, is and Aston Martin – for 300,000. And it is a very simple example to answer the question “what happened to the money,” he wrote.

But Mikitas to sit idly by is not going.

The fact that he is preparing for revenge, it became clear a month ago when there was information about the impending appointment of a Director of the “Ukrbud” the former head GASK Sergey Kucher, who is considered a person Mikitaka. His appointment is also supposedly supported in the President’s Office.

“The coachman on the national security Council meeting on the subject Ukrbud led by the hand by the Deputy head of President’s Office Mr. Trofimov – how looking from the OP. The meetings were held behind closed doors, and they recently held a five – a topic important threat. As if to Elita-Center-2 is not reached. 14 thousand disgruntled investors know where to go when you don’t get no money, no housing,” wrote the Deputy editor of the “Country” Svetlana Kryukova in his telegrams-channel.

As it became known “the Country” from their sources, the driver really wanted to get into the “ukrbud”. But not because of the problem of residential development, and, allegedly, with an eye on lucrative public contracts, in particular, the company “Ukrbudmontazh” (construction of facilities on the territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant) and “Alliance” (the construction of the bridge shuliavska”).

But to master budget money allegedly was planned under cover of Office of the President.

But, as said our source, the final agreement Sergey Kucher has not passed. “He was at the meeting in the national security Council on “Ukrbud”, but there support has not found. As, however, and in the Cabinet,” the source said.

Sam Kucher at the request “of the Country” comment has not yet responded.

On completion of the houses is not enough 2 billion

“The country” managed to talk with Vladimir Fedotenkova (he owns Kyiv restaurants of the network Tarantino Family), which Mikitas allegedly signed some memoranda and which is now in fact the new owner of the “Ukrbud”.

He told us his version of events.

“I MyCitadel met six years ago through Maiboroda (the General Director of the “ukrbud development”- Ed.), with whom we are neighbors. Then in February of this year Mikitas suggested I buy the case “Arsenal”, which is just put on the SETS. I have invested 12 million dollars, and so we became partners. But in the spring I learned that Mikitas falsified my signature and handed the object to the pledge. He himself recognized this fact, and, in fact, left me. And in September Mayboroda called me and said they are all very bad – no sales, is inhabited by the inspectors (there were several criminal cases plus the beginning of the investigation of AMCU – Ed.). With this hung 25 LCD, that is nothing to build. I at that moment was a personal question to Mikitary – his duty. And I suggested that may enter the share of the “ukrbud” and pour in some money. What, in fact, signed the Memorandum. And of the 11 million dollars I 9 million already handed over. Now stopped the funding, because there are questions on the expenditure of these funds. But, it is clear that 11 million could not solve the problems of the “Ukrbud”, as there is a shortage of funds was not less than $ 50 million. I attracted other investors (their names Fedotenkov refused to name – Ed.), but under the condition that we should be transferred 50% of the shares of all legal entities and we put its top management. Plus stabilizacionnyj created a Fund of 500 million hryvnia,” – said Fedotenkov.

He also noted that it issued a number of companies. “But designed problem, but all the really valuable assets not issued” – he said “Country”.

According to Fedotenkov, to date the shortfall in the “Ukrbud” is not less than 2 billion hryvnia, you need to build 1.5 million square meters of housing.

To “Ukrbud” this is not.

“There is a real threat that the “ukrbud” will collapse. It’s not just “Elite center” and ten “Elite Centers.” 25 housing and 13.7 thousand buyers of apartments. “Ukrbud” constantly lived with turnover. The money came in, they spend it as their own. Reporting the profit and loss account then no one heard. So when sales fell, the money abruptly ended,” – said Fedotenkov.

According to him, he has already held talks with two major developers in Kiev – “Intergalbud” and “perfekt group” – to join the project “Ukrbud”. Those, says Fedotenkov, not against it, but are ready to start work only after receiving assurance of support from the authorities that they are not “zakoshmaryat” security officers and supervisors.

“There was a meeting with the authorities for this reason. Were promised support. But there’s nothing yet as we are waiting,” – said Fedotenkov.

That is, the words Fedotenkova it follows that or the state can “help” the “Ukrbud”, protecting him from the claims of law enforcement officers and supervisors, or we are waiting for “ten “Elite centers.”

Will collapse if “ukrbud” and what will happen to the other buildings

“Country” wrote about the effect of the “Ukrbud”. After the company problems began, people were afraid not only of “houses Mekitsa” and all the buildings. Sales of apartments fell sharply. Additionally played a factor in strengthening the hryvnia, because automatically, in dollars apartments in new buildings at one point went up.

But the specifics of capital construction business that most of the houses is, in fact, “pyramid” – developers sell the apartment and on the obtained means to build these new facilities. And if not sales, then construction just stopped.

Therefore, the “ukrbud” may well be the factor that collapses the entire new housing market.

“20-30% of the market of new buildings of the capital in the sphere of influence of the ukrbud paralyzed due to corporate scandals. As a result, many market participants (designers, construction contractors, materials suppliers, and others) just don’t know what to do. The result may be a decrease of activity in the segment of new buildings. In 2020, the share of transactions in the secondary segment increase from 50 to 70%,” – said the managing partner of ARTA Property Management Michael Artyukhov.

Our source on the construction market said that among developers now – a real panic.

“If the collapse of the “ukrbud”, it will hit the entire industry. All fear a sharp sales decline and reputatsionnyj risks. By hook or by crook market, being held hostage by one company, will try to “pull” projects “Ukrbud”. But this issue can drown in a showdown, as we usually happens. Even in the summer “ukrbud” attempted to sell their most liquid projects, some of which bought “Energobud”. But it is unclear where the proceeds for these projects money. Theoretically, the value of all “liquid” could cover a number of costs for the completion of ongoing projects. But the construction cost,” says the source.

Experts do not exclude that after the sales, to the collapse of prices in new buildings.

“Significantly reduce the prices developers can make a few points

First, the full stop and freeze of the market for a long period. When nothing will be sold, poorly built and working capital runs out.

Second, external financial and political factors. We don’t know how to behave in the national currency by the new year (especially in 2020), what will happen in politics and how Ukrainian economy will feel.

It is impossible to exclude a variety of scenarios. Lower prices may be in the range of 3-5%, then the business becomes unprofitable,” – says the expert of real estate market in Victoria Bereman.

But the main thing still remains the question – what will happen to the houses of the “Ukrbud” and buyers of apartments. Here, according to Bereman, two scenarios are possible, or complete other developers (but they need a guarantee, including for the reason that with documents on a number of sites have issues), or “mobilized” self “ukrbud”. But, as it is clear their words Fedotenkova, I hope more is yet to third party developers.

And, according to our information, matchmaker home “Ukrbud” builders not only in the company but the officials allegedly conducted secret negotiations with contractors regarding their interest in unfinished. “But it is clear that the minimum buyers than the risk is failure of terms of commissioning of objects,” says Bereman.

To solve the problem of the “Ukrbud” is required not less year, – says commercial Director Svitlo Park Alexander Panfilov.

“The grounds and facilities are different, there are distressed, and is quite attractive for new developers. I think that in the course of the year the objects are distributed among different developers. Further, the likely existing projects will correct that too will take some time,” said Panfilov.

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