“There is no clear programme of action”: why trump has accused Democrats of totalitarianism

«Нет чёткой программы действий»: почему Трамп обвинил демократов в тоталитаризме

The American leader Donald trump said that in his quest to transform US by the representatives of the democratic party descend into totalitarianism. According to the President, his political opponents are trying to “overthrow the American democracy” and in case of victory of their candidate in the upcoming elections, the United States will face economic depression. Experts note that Democrats, with the primary goal to remove trump from the government, really will use any means to discredit him, so that the rhetoric of the White house is reactive. However, analysts believe, public fight with the democratic party does not give the President political points ahead of elections.

The American leader Donald trump has accused members of the Democratic party of the USA in that their work shows more and more signs of totalitarianism. Such statement the President made in his speech before a crowd of thousands of his supporters in Louisiana.

“The democratic campaign to transform America is becoming more totalitarian in nature: the suppression of dissent, slander the innocent, the rejection of the statutory procedures, the organization of show trials and the attempted overthrow of American democracy,” said trump.

The house of representatives of the United States Congress on October 31 in full force to vote for the impeachment against…According to him, the “radical left Democrats are trying to break” the United States apart. The White house also noted that in case of victory of the democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential elections of the USA can expect the economic downturn.

“If the Democrats come back, start a depression, the likes of which you’ve never seen,” said trump.

In addition, the President said that the democratic party is engaged in a “mad, delusional, destructive and sverhpredelna witch hunt”, the aim of which is impeachment.

“It’s all fabrication. This is a hoax,” said trump.

With criticism of his political opponents, the us leader spoke on the background heating up the situation surrounding the impeachment. Recall that in late September the house of representatives, where Democrats have the majority, has launched the procedure against the 45th President of the United States, the reason for which was July phone conversation between Donald trump and Vladimir Zelensky.

According to Democrats, the American leader demanded that the Ukrainian colleagues to give up dirt on former Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden and his son hunter, who was a member of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian company Burisma, which is in the center of a corruption scandal in 2014.

“Responding to accusations”

However, these accusations from Democrats to trump and his administration are not limited. So, in early October, the speaker of the U.S. house of representatives Nancy Pelosi said the White house refusal to cooperate in the framework of the impeachment — “treason of democracy” and the attempt to keep secret the fact of abuse of authority by the President.

“For some time the President is trying to make lawlessness the norm — said Pelosi. — By his actions, he jeopardizes our national security and violates our Constitution and undermines the purity of our elections. A letter to the White house — only a new attempt to hide the fact that the President has betrayed our democracy, and demonstrate that he is above the law”.

The speaker of the U.S. house of representatives Nancy Pelosi said the White house refusal to cooperate on the impeachment of Donald trump is…Earlier in the administration of the President of the United States refused to support the Democrats in the resulting investigation. This was stated press Secretary of the White house Stephanie Grisham, calling the case against trump’s political, deprived of “any legitimate constitutional grounds and any semblance of justice”. According to her, it “does not imply even the most basic due process guarantees”.

“For purely political reasons, the Democrats have decided that they wish to cancel results of elections in 2016 allow them to carry out so-called investigation within the procedure of impeachment, which is inconsistent with the fundamental rights guaranteed to every American,” the statement reads.

For their part, political analysts say that the criticism of three Democrats is a reaction to their actions to discredit him. Such opinion in conversation with RT was expressed by the expert of the International Institute gumanitarno-political researches Vladimir Bruter.

“Thus trump the Democrats respond to their allegations. A warning about economic depression — evidence that the American leader is not quite sure of their abilities. After all, he had no clear program of action, even for a limited term. Therefore, he is often inconsistent in its policy,” said Bruter.

However, the accusatory rhetoric of the US President is not only a response to the Democrats, but the evidence of a “clash of values” of the tramp and his political opponents. So says the head of the Department of international organizations and world political processes, faculty of world politics of Moscow state University Andrei Sidorov.

“Trump is the man who has absorbed the traditional values inherent in the United States is religious, partly Puritanism, the traditional family. But the Democrats have transformed all these concepts, and the White house this approach incomprehensible,” he explained RT.

“There are totalitarian traits”

However, as experts say, the “totalitarian” tendencies in the working methods of the Democratic party are shown on the background of its internal problems. According to analysts, the Democrats have no “common political core,” which would bring them together, partly for that reason within the party are increasingly in conflict situations.

So, a candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Democrats in the elections of 2020 and Congresswoman Tulsi Ms. Gabbard criticized the national Committee of the democratic party.According to her, this alone decide beforehand on who can be considered favorites of the party, regardless of the opinions of the electorate.

Former United States Secretary of state Hillary Clinton spoke about the tactics that Moscow is supposedly going to use to influence…”being the candidate of the Democrats and the President, I’m going to re-create the Democratic party. This party will truly represent the interests of the American people to fight for him and his welfare, for the prosperity of our country and protect our national resources on this planet,” said Ms. Gabbard.

In addition, she criticized the former democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. According to her, former U.S. Secretary of state — “Queen among the instigators of war, the personification of corruption and the personification of the rot that so long corroded the Democratic party”.

According to Ms. Gabbard, Clinton used against her “orchestrated campaign of reputation destruction” — she tried to discredit the policy, “through their henchmen, powerful allies in the corporate media and the war machine”.

“You’re afraid of the threat that I represent for you. Now it is clear that these primaries are between you and me. Don’t hide cowardly behind their henchmen. Join the race directly,” asked Ms. Gabbard, a former Secretary of state.

According to experts, such intra-party strife further undermine the credibility of the Democrats among voters. In fact, as noted by Vladimir Bruter, in the words of trump and Ms. Gabbard to address Democrats “there is a lot of truth”.

“The democratic party is really struggling with the head of the White house and methods not choose: she uses all available tools to vilify trump”, — stated the expert.

Bruter also noted that the democratic party in the process of its development “has acquired unhealthy elements of libertarianism”.

“This political force in favour of the total abolition of the conservative values that were characteristic eurochristian the world. For example, they support gay marriage and a sex change. All this for the more conservative American society looks quite challenging and lead to internal social conflict”, — said the analyst.

A similar opinion is shared by Andrei Sidorov, who said that the Democrats do not accept dissent.

“They are intolerant of alternative positions in matters of religion and traditional values. In the rhetoric of Democrats and their actions in reality are totalitarian traits. Representatives of the democratic party, frankly, bully people who do not share their positions,” — said the expert.From his point of view, trump rightly accused the Democrats and in destroying the legal standards.

“Democrats use these tools very actively. For them, it is possible to accuse any person, for example, harassment that is not the fact that took place. None of this evidence here is useless”, — said the analyst.

“Increase the chances of winning”

In addition, analysts believe that the Democrats have focused on the removal of the tramp from the government ahead of presidential elections, is not a lot of electoral leverage.

“During the reign of Democrats, many industrial enterprises were closed or cut jobs, losing competition to China. The current leader of the USA has set itself the task to accelerate the American economy, and now he is in a certain sense it makes — however, due to the large costs and risks,” — said Vladimir Bruter.

As for impeachment, which in recent months has become a Central theme of American domestic policy, according to the analysts, this initiative is likely to prove fruitless. Bruter is convinced that whatever the outcome of the vote in the house of representatives, the Senate oppose the displacement of the tramp from his post.

However, according to the expert, the public accusations against the Democrats is unlikely to add points to the President in the presidential race.

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