“There was a reluctance to reduce our measures”, says a doctor in favour of the déconfinement

«On a une réticence à diminuer nos mesures», dit un médecin en faveur du déconfinement

A doctor of Gaspé believes that there would be a need to review the containment measures put in place to counter the new coronavirus.

“In the beginning we followed the science. We did what we needed to before a virus, thought he was going to have a mortality rate of 3% to 4%. As the science advances and we learn new things, it seems that there is a reluctance to reduce our measures,” explained Dr. Mathieu Bernier in LCN.

He said that the mortality rate has been estimated at approximately 0.3%, which is approximately 10 times less than predicted by the WHO originally.

“Mortality rates are interesting because when one divides according to the age, one realizes that this is not everyone is equal in front of the virus. This is not 0.3% for all of the world. It is one chance in 100 000 for children and can be 15 % for an older person with co-morbidities,” adds the general practitioner attached to the hospital of Gaspé.

According to him, it would be necessary to review the measures to target those most at risk rather than apply to the whole of the population.

“It’s not just the age. We begin to better know them : diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancers and immunocompromised individuals”, he says.

It believes that Québec should allow more freedom for individuals to choose the risks they are willing to take.

“We should explain to people what are the risk factors for each person will be able to take a decision based on its own health,” he says.

“When we explain to people where is the danger, we can see that a large portion of the population will change their behaviour,” says Dr. Bernier.

The doctor believes that wearing a mask plays a role in the déconfinement if it adds to other measures.

“Protect aggressively the centres of older people by testing regularly with staff, even asymptomatic, to find people who might be carriers and introduce the virus. People who are low-risk, children, schools, youth workers in good health, we could let our economy work,” he said.

“The first wave took us by surprise, the second wave there will be no excuse,” says Dr. Bernier.

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