There was a video of the accident with George Clooney: scooter pieces

Появилось видео ДТП с Джорджем Клуни: скутер вдребезги

There was a video of the accident with George Clooney scooter to pieces
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George Clooney has not received serious injuries. Photo “global anchor”

Hollywood actor collided with a car in the village of Costa Corallina, Sardinia.

Italian newspaper Corriere published an exclusive footage of an accident involving George Clooney.

The record shows, as the car stops near the exit, a little bit veering into the oncoming traffic. Just at that moment a Hollywood actor on a scooter crashes into the forehead of the car. After the collision, Clooney flies high into the air, and by scooter on all sides fly detail.

As reported, the accident occurred on July 10 in Italy on the island of Sardinia, where the star makes its own series on the book of Joseph Heller’s “catch-22”. At the time of the accident he was traveling to the area for filming.

The actor was discharged from the hospital, he’s fine.

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