“There was an order not to talk about the call of the trump Zelensky”. That changed in the case of impeachment of the testimony of a top Advisor in Ukraine in the White house

"Был приказ не рассказывать о звонке Трампа Зеленскому". Что изменили в деле об импичменте показания топ- советника по Украине в Белом доме

Wingman (right) along with Minister Perry (middle) met with Zelensky in June on his inauguratsiiOn “Ukrainedate” in the U.S., new details have emerged after the testimony of one of the key witnesses Alexander Windman.

This 44-year-old native of Kiev, ex-military American army and the chief expert on Ukraine at the White house, which, along with several other officials were present during the controversial phone conversation of trump and Zelensky on July 25 this year, and in June he arrived in Kiev as part of the American delegation to see the inauguration.

Gaps in the transcript

During a closed hearing in Congress this week, wingman stated that the transcript of the conversation is incomplete (although the fact that this “abstract” conversation and not a verbatim transcript, was known before) and that you did not mention former Vice President and democratic candidate Joe Biden and gas company Burisma, to which he added a son of hunter and investigation which seeks the White house.

They say that these phrases prove that trump asked Zelensky some recordings Biden, allegedly confirming the corruption of the former Vice President.

According to Wingman, the record also lacks words Zelensky, where he directly calls the company Burisma. Advisor in Ukraine, said that he had tried to make changes to the transcript prior to its publication, but its comments were ignored.

A few days after the hearings are being investigated and other details of the testimony of Windmane.

A few minutes later after the conversation, trump and see he met with White House lawyer John Eisenberg (who, incidentally, called to testimony in Congress November 4). As Politico writes, wingman complained to the lawyer on call, which, according to him, trump has demanded from Ukraine to investigate the cases of Biden.

Yellow Notepad Eisenberg

Writing the report of Colonel Wingman in a yellow Notepad, Eisenberg did something that went against the Protocol of the White House – proposed to move the transcript of the recording of the phone conversation to a top-secret server and limit access to it, which was subsequently done.

A few days later, Eisenberg, according to Wingman, ordered him not to tell anyone about the call, especially given that the task of top adviser on Ukraine has been to coordinate the interagency process policy of Ukraine.

"Был приказ не рассказывать о звонке Трампа Зеленскому". Что изменили в деле об импичменте показания топ- советника по Украине в Белом доме

Windman (far left) in June came to Kiev as part of the U.S. delegation to the inauguration ze

From the testimony of Wingman it turned out one more detail. On 10 July, two weeks before the call Zelensky, the White house was visited by the then head of the NSDC Oleksandr danylyuk, Advisor to and see foreign policy Andrey Ermak, and even then they, according to the testimony of Windman clearly hinted at Biden.

According to Windman present at the meeting, national security adviser John Bolton was so alarmed by the course of the conversation that left the meeting, which was also attended by the special representative of the USA in Ukraine Kurt Volker.

After the testimony of Wingman followed by the reaction of the White house adviser on Ukraine has accused almost of treason and espionage. Supposedly, he has a sentiment to their ethnic homeland.

Trump in his Twitter hinted that wingman wagging.

“If you believe the corrupt media, call to Ukraine, like “disturbed” witness”of tamponirovanie”. He was certainly present for the same call I did? Can’t be! Please ask him to read the transcript of the call. Witch hunt!”, – wrote trump.

“Employee of the government of the USA is two countries? No wonder he looks very confused”, – said in the “Twitter” on the testimony of Windman personal lawyer of President Giuliani.

Wingman – the same source?

“It is believed that wingman was the secret informant (in American English have a special word – whistleblower), who anonymously complained to call trump, accusing him of putting pressure on Zelensky. However, windman denies this, although he may not admit, for safety reasons. I suspect his twin brother Eugene, also a former military lawyer and ethics officer, who works with him in the White house, his Cabinet is opposite. But, by the way, in espionage in favor of Ukraine its hard to suspect the brothers Windmane father left when they were only three years. Their whole conscious life passed in the U.S., they are patriots of America, military division of Windmane handed one of the highest awards – Purple heart (he was wounded in Iraq). More plausible is the theory that he could collude with the Democrats, said “the Country,” American journalist Eric Gibson.

"Был приказ не рассказывать о звонке Трампа Зеленскому". Что изменили в деле об импичменте показания топ- советника по Украине в Белом доме

The twin brothers of Vidmanov – Alexander and Evgenia – a similar fate. Photo: social networks

By the way, November 1, a US Federal court ordered that the state Department has published the details of the conversation between trump and Zelensky.

The Department of state until 22 November to submit the documents of American oversight group and they, as reported by Reuters, may contain supplementary information in addition to transcription of the call (speech, obviously, is a complete recording without cuts).

While details of the closed hearing due to the plums emerge in the media, but soon the investigation of the case of impeachment will go to the public stage – hearings in the intelligence Committee will become open, they will invite the same and new witnesses.

Congress this week passed a resolution according to which after the end of the closed part of the hearings and publish transcripts of testimony of all witnesses.

Public hearings can be broadcast on TV and online. After public hearings, the intelligence Committee will give all the collected materials to the judicial Committee. There will be decided how Trump can file charges. After the approval of the articles of the charges the legal Committee, they will be sent to a vote in Congress.

“There’s nothing illegal about calling trump Zelensky”

By the way, in addition to plaintiffs at trump appear and defenders. After Windman on closed hearings, acted as his co – adviser on Russia and Europe in the national security Council Tom Morrison (on the eve of the hearing, he resigned) which explicitly stated that he sees nothing illegal in the content of the conversation trump and Zelensky. Then trump in his “Twitter” thanked him “for being honest”.

However, Morrison did not deny that the US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland told him that the President unfrozen military aid to Ukraine, if Kiev will declare the beginning of a criminal investigation against Biden’s son.

Morrison – the people of Bolton, a former presidential adviser on security, who resigned in September.

The Bolton 7 Nov cause hearing, but he refused to testify, saying that only will appear on the agenda.

Refused to speak and Minister of energy Rick Perry, who wanted to see Congress 6 Nov. Representatives Perry stated that he agree to testify only in open hearings. Previously, Perry announced his intention to resign, but insists that it has nothing to do with “Ukraineitar”.

Perry West with Windmane and Walker came to see the inauguration, and later he was suspected of trying to enter in the management of “Naftogaz” fellow from Texas.

Trump, by the way, distancing himself from the pressure on ze, convinced that called him at the request of Perry.

“Few people know about it, I didn’t even want to call. The only reason I called was that Rick asked me. Something about a LNG terminal (liquefied natural gas – Approx. Ed.)”, said trump Republicans from the house of representatives. However, few in this version believe.

The impeachment does not pull

Meanwhile, American experts believe that before the actual impeachment case is unlikely to reach.

“According to the Constitution for the dismissal of trump’s need to accuse him of a crime, from the list of the Criminal law. This is not and is not expected. But to attract the part of hesitant whether to choose trump for a second term, with the help of the Ukrainian scandal, it may be possible. Although given that the Democrats have no strong candidate, you will need to provide a real “bomb” to the odds in their favour was decisive,” said us analyst Jeremy Collins.

Meanwhile, the “Ukrainian” does not affect support trump or among members of the same party (and without their votes the Senate will not be able to conduct the impeachment), nor among the Americans.

According to recent surveys, most registered Republicans (85%) supports trump in his post. Overall 42% of Americans approve of the job trump.Alexander Kharchenko

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