“There will be many wanting to shout about zrade”. Cancel whether in Ukraine conscription

In Ukraine, to cancel mandatory military conscription.

"Будет много желающих покричать о зраде". Отменят ли в Украине призыв в армию

So said defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk.

“It is my personal goal. It will be soon, it won’t be for years, but it is my personal goal is to cancel the call. And it’s the state’s position is generally that we are moving to a professional army according to NATO standards, which trained and equipped. And most importantly – what every soldier should know their place, it should be clear military career and is protected by law. So that we can compete in the selection for the best people,” – said zagorodniuk.

The statement of the Minister was made in the sixth year after Ukraine returned the call. This happened after the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas.

Talk about the abolition of conscription coincided with the General softening of rhetoric of the authorities, who rarely use the word “war” and decrease military rhetoric.

“Country” is understood, are there any prerequisites for the transition to contract army.

How to change the conscription

It is interesting that recently speech in power was quite different – that we should return to a conscription to 18 years. This initiative in October, it was announced in the President’s Office, and it was supported by the General staff of the armed forces.

As has declared then the head of the office of acquisition management personnel of the headquarters of Land forces command Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Kachenko issues of conscription into the ranks of the armed forces, there are certain differences between the law “On military duty and military service” and the decree of the President about the appeal. The law stipulates that the conscription shall be citizens who are 18 years and older persons who have not attained 27 years of age”.

At the same time, according to the latest presidential decrees urged citizens to 20 years.

A month later, the defense Minister said he wants to cancel the call.

However, the experience in this business already there.

Compulsory recruitment into the ranks of the APU has been canceled. October 14, 2013, President Viktor Yanukovych has signed a decree that from 1 January 2014 cease conscription in the Ukrainian army and other armed groups and the acquisition of the APU must be carried out exclusively on a contract basis.

In April 2014, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine recommended to the acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov to restore conscription. May 1, 2014 Turchynov has signed the corresponding decree.

At the moment, in fact, the age of conscription in Ukraine from 20 to 27 years. Lifespan is 18 months, but for those who have higher education (master or specialist), the service less than 12 months. Duty military to perform combat tasks in the area of operations of the combined forces are not involved – to send the contract.

However, in fact, set in the army, which, as stated, reformed and revived, seriously lame and twice a year begins a hunt for recruits.

The call in recent years

The last time conscription was accompanied by statements about the shortage and scandals connected with the search for draft Dodgers from the service.

This time, as in previous years, in Kiev again resumed the practice of catching recruits on the streets to present their agenda and directions to the troops. On such cases told in a spring appeal of this year.

"Будет много желающих покричать о зраде". Отменят ли в Украине призыв в армию

Then the police’d find excuses to stop young people on the street, put in car and taken to the military enlistment office and then to the distribution point. Similar cases reported from other cities of Ukraine.

"Будет много желающих покричать о зраде". Отменят ли в Украине призыв в армию

One of the stories was told by a user of a social network Vitaly Share about his friend, who in 13 years has left for permanent residence in the United States.

“That is, from all accounts here it is. Lived in America. Of course, any summons he could not get. Came for three weeks to visit family. Standing at the station when he was approached by three men in military uniform. Bundled into a car and drove to the recruiting office, where he conducted a medical examination. And sent in Yavoriv Lviv region. At first hinted that it is possible to fix it for $ 1,500, and when the father kicked up a fuss, essentially nothing was decided. Now he is in Lviv,” wrote Vitaly.

In the Kiev military rasskazyvali that gave the police a list of nearly 30 thousand recruits, who had not appeared in the military in the spring call 2019 and evade service in the armed forces.

In the past, 2018, the autumn appeal has called the worst in the history of performance. On him in Kiev responded only 8% of future soldiers of the planned number. This means that the Commissariat was only every twelfth draftee. In other cities the situation was better, but also depressing. Therefore, recruits were caught in the streets, they staged the RAID – this is also written in the network.

"Будет много желающих покричать о зраде". Отменят ли в Украине призыв в армию

"Будет много желающих покричать о зраде". Отменят ли в Украине призыв в армию

In those days it became known about the capture of recruits in Cherkasy, where they were detained by the National guard. “Someone you, carry monkeys or people”, heard angry voices in the video, filmed during this. “My son was loaded, as in the monkey,” says the mother of the guy on the scene.
There were several high-profile incidents.

So, in Kharkiv region military grabbed the guy’s sleeve on the street and would not let go, and then knocked to the ground.

In Ivano-Frankivsk city the employees of the Municipal guard, the national police and of the military Commissariat were looking for recruits in the streets of the city and deliver them to the military.

“Looking in the evening, on the benches, chatting and thus delivered to the military Commissariat,” – said the security forces themselves. In Volyn region the relatives of the recruits gathered outside the regional military office, and prevented the departure of the bus to recruits.

The military said that most of these guys were draft Dodgers, and relatives protested that the military was able to find them.

2017 year was rich in scandals. So, employees of the military Commissariat raided the capital club Jugendhub. As a result, were detained 32 people who have immediately seized mobile phones. Twelve of them were recognized as evading from military service.

In Lviv people in the form of vests and were looking for recruits in the popular youth travel Curve Linden in the city centre with entertainment.

In Odessa, the fourth-year student of one of the Maritime universities of the city were taken from the practice, and when they came for him, the lawyer, members of the military threw himself under the wheels of the car and not allowed to take the young man.

And in the winery a 22 year old guy married to 80-year-old woman with disabilities to get respite from service. Guy was called up for military service in the armed forces. But he signed with the pensioner and immediately after the painting came with his father to the city police station, to witness, to serve him not because his wife – the invalid of I group.

That is, the compulsory recruitment in the past was not present. But after the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas from him began to shy away even more fiercely. Despite the fact that recruits now are not sent to a war zone.

This suggests that the situation in the army for the better has not changed. And every year to gain recruits harder. So maybe the idea of the Minister seems logical.

“Guys have a lot of opportunities to hang”

Cancel the call – a logical idea, writes the telegram-channel “Policy of the Country.”

“It is worth Recalling that Ukraine had once canceled the call. This was done in the fall of 2013, Viktor Yanukovych. But then the Maidan began, and then the war in the spring of 2014 the new government not only returned the call, but the beginning of a mass mobilization of men, sending them to the front. In 2016 the mobilization is terminated, the troops in the Donbass replenished by the contract, and at the call gain no more than 16-18 thousand guys.

And those are harder to collect, as in the army serve free going few want. Given that the appeal is now 20 years young people have many opportunities to “get” to go to College or leave the country.

In other words, the idea to cancel the call is quite common. Although, of course, there will be many wanting to shout about “zrade”. Say, as an appeal during the war to cancel!?”, – said in the post.

Vic Wenk

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