These 4 zodiac sign, write to your ex as soon as get drunk!

The drunken representatives of the zodiac signs always remember your ex.

Ці 4 знака зодіаку, пишуть своїм колишнім, як тільки нап&#039ються!


When Aries gets drunk, he likes to text my ex to remind them, they’re terrifying. If their life will not be enough conflict, Aries can even begin to argue with your ex to create the conflict they need. Aries not so much concerned to prove that he is right, how much to let go of excess fire energy which they have managed to accumulate! Drinking alcohol can lead Aries to some serious regrets in the morning. Before heading to the bar, maybe the RAM, switch off your mobile phone!


The twins become talkative when they drink, and this zodiac sign is likely to send an unexpected text message, “Hey, what’s up?”, for example! Then they will probably start talking about what went wrong in the relationship! “When you stopped loving me?” “Why do you think we would not be able to be together?” “You had feelings for someone else while we were together?” Gemini in this case would have helped a good friend who would have stepped in and stopped it all! After all, these questions only reopen old wounds. The twins would be better not to touch their wounds to be healed!


When the virgin dissolves the hair, it means that they really need to relax after a hard working day! Virgo hold things in until until you explode! If virgin are going to write your ex after they drink, they will likely begin to Express my vulnerability and feelings literally out of nowhere. Virgo usually are not sensitive, and this behavior may leave their sense of insecurity. It is better to defer sending the message until the morning, and then view its contents, reports Rus.Media.


Aquarians become quite strange after you drink. Aquarians tend to believe that most people do not understand them, and so they only meet those who really understand what is going on in their heads! A lone drunk Aquarius will remember about your ex, sending them a text so they again felt understood. And the former only once again remind him of what he is strange, and in the morning Aquarius will not feel so good!

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