These are “star”: what is the classification of hotels



From 1 July in Russia began to operate the new rules of certification of hotels. The testimony of a “star” is required hotels with a total of more than 50 rooms. What benefit tourists from the mandatory classification of hotels? The TV channel “MIR 24” this question was answered by Gennady Lamshin, the President of the Russian hotel Association.

Gennady Lamshin: I Hope everyone, although some part may not have time. But the classification began.

Gennady Lamshin: In General – Yes. But every family has its black sheep. Yet there are those who, to put it mildly, poor carrying out work on classification of hotels. Can in collusion to inflate, but now they will be punished, so this will be less and less, and I hope that will be reduced to zero.

Gennady Lamshin: …He will also be punished in accordance with the Federal law No. 16 of last year. In February, President Putin signed it, and there is a point of administrative responsibility as hotels and accredited associations which are assigned a particular category. So the punishment and those and others.