These facts will cause you to give up sausages and meat products

Meat products are a favorite treat a huge number of people, but before you eat another sausage should think it’s worth it.

Ці факти змусять вас відмовитися від ковбасних виробів та м&#039ясних напівфабрикатів

Every day he eats Breakfast sandwich with sausage or ham for dinner and not rarely cooks sausages. For the manufacture of such semi-finished products manufacturer takes processed meat products that adds flavor enhancer, salt, preservatives and even nitrates. This list is enough to understand how dangerous could be the sausage. Today let’s talk about the most common health problems that occur in the frequent use of meat products, informs Rus.Media.


The risk of developing this disease increases almost 20%, if the basis of the diet are meat products. The main reason saturated fatty acids in their composition.


In processed meat products – based sausage products, contains many dangerous substances, among other things, disrupt the functioning of the digestive system. This in turn leads to weight gain.


Experts have repeatedly proven that processed meat are carcinogens responsible for the development of colon cancer.

Cardiovascular disease

Three years ago, who analyzed the results of various large-scale studies of the effect of meat products on health. Experts came to the conclusion that these products pose a serious threat to human health. At the same time, the who recognized that alcoholic beverages, Smoking, arsenic and meat products cause the same harm. The first pass gets your cardiovascular system.

Hormonal disturbance

To sell more of their products, the owners of the meat plants are trying to reduce the cost of production, which are added to meat products antibiotics, hormonal agents and growth stimulants, it does not think about the health of their consumers. Such supplements can disrupt the hormonal background of a person.