These guys believe anything

Ces vedettes qui croient n’importe quoi

Monday, at QUB radio, I did an interview with a celebrity. It does not sing, does not dance, does not show his face on tv. Yet, I was suspended to her lips.

I would have listened for hours Nathalie Charland, senior director, scientific affairs and medical in Medicago, the biopharmaceutical company featured of Québec, to which Québec has provided $ 7 million for a floor on a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Which brings me to my question : why it took a pandemic, thousands of deaths, for that it would be put to invite real scientists in our media ?


Mrs. Charland had to tell me was simply exciting. For the manufacture of vaccines, Médicago integrates “virus-like particles” to… of the plants ! Tests on mice have started this week, this will then primates, then humans (in July or August).

I was fascinated !

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has never been as confident in the abilities of science to save lives. And no one has ever heard as many scientists on all forums.

Why, before, were we so afraid to give the mic to the specialists, researchers, intellectuals, thinkers ? Why, as a public, had we so little of interest to listen to them ?

We did that for the stars, even if they told us about sometimes insignifiances or throwing whoppers.

We laugh a lot these days celebrities who believe in conspiracy theories.

To the show Hello, good evening !, on Monday, the comedian Alexandre Barrette has said about the COVID-19 : “It is a health crisis, a financial crisis, a crisis of… of the nerves of Lucie Laurier “.

The actress says that she will never vaccinate against the COVID-19.

But it does not date from yesterday that some stars believe in fables.

We had the featured creationist : in 2013, everyone is talking about, Rachid Badouri, said : “I do not believe that I descend from the monkey” (he preferred to believe that his God had created the universe).

We had the featured new age : when Ginette Reno we boast about the merits of the Book of lights, filled with so-called messages of Jesus.

When the books of bla-bla esoteric are the biggest sellers, when Oprah Winfrey made a fortune touting The Secret, when Gwyneth Paltrow made millions by selling a spray anti-psychic vampires, are we really surprised that other celebrities (John Cusack, Woody Harrelson, M. I. A.) believe that the virus is caused by the network 5G ?

Last week, at QUB radio, I asked to Guy Nantel what question he would ask the people if it was one of those famous vox pop that have made it famous. “I would speak of conspiracy theories, to me he answered. What is interesting is that the complotistes all have a plot different ! Me, I think the notion of conspiracy, but I do not know which to believe ! ”


There is much talk of what should change in the” post-pandemic “.

We should spend more time listening to the scientists, the experts, and less time to listen to the stars.

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