These habits can tell a lot about your character

Read this and learn a lot about yourself as a person.

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

We all regularly perform certain actions, and eventually they become part of our lives. Many of these actions, over time, even overlooked, and we do not knowingly efforts to remember them, informs Rus.Media.

It is not strange, trivial habits really give a meaningful idea of your personality, emotions and feelings.

There have been many psychological studies in this area, and experts have found that certain habits can tell you a lot of interesting things!

Then as you make purchases

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

  • You are the one who carefully chooses products to ensure that they meet your needs?
  • Or are you someone who just takes the first thing you see on the shelf, and automatically realizes that this is exactly what you need?

The first type of people is what experts call a “bad explanation”, and the second is known as “the enemy of explanation”.

In 2012 was published a series of experiments that showed that the first get higher score on indicators of cognitive reflection, and the second – on the contrary.

This means that the first pay close attention to detail, but also analyze them. The second are content with the overall features and less worried over nothing.

Your gait

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

In 2013, the researchers conducted a study in which the condemned showed the videos to people who go and asked to judge which one is most vulnerable as victims.

The study concluded that prisoners who received the highest score on indicators of psychopathy are more likely to pointed to people who were victims in the past.

We all judge others on how they go. From a scientific point of view, studies have shown that the only thing you can accurately tell from the way someone walks, is the extent to which people are susceptible.

Your manner to hang toilet paper

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

This is rather interesting. So, Carl Gilda, the relationship expert, interviewed 2000 men and women.

She recorded how they hang the toilet paper, and then asked them a question about how persistent they were in their relationship.

People who tend to wrap the toilet paper end inside, turned out to be more submissive, while those who hung up his end out, was more assertive in the relationship.

The way you write emails

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

Psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic says that extroverts are likely to talk about things like parties and get-togethers.

As for the people with low emotional intelligence, they tend to use negative emotional words like “depressed” and “evil”.

Not surprisingly, the narcissist intentionally uses words like “I”, “me” and “mine”. So, next time when you receive the letter, pay close attention to the words!

As you eat

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

That’s what your food habits can reveal your identity.

  • Those who eat slowly are the ones who like to be in control. They know how to appreciate life.
  • Those who eat quickly – motivated and ambitious. Often they are impatient, but they are also open to new experiences.
  • Picky eating is probably neurotic in different spheres of life.
  • Lovers to try something new – to get out of their comfort zones for the sake of adventure.
  • Those who tend to divide the food on the plate – tend to pay attention to details and disciplined.

Your manner of speech

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

A psychologist named James Pennebaker, along with his colleagues listened to the recording of conversations on “rapid Dating” between men and women.

He came to the conclusion that if a person likes someone, she will likely begin to use the words used by the interlocutor.

Your addiction to smartphone

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

Now this does not surprise anyone. For example, in a study conducted in 2015, measured dependence on smartphones, and the results showed that emotional instability is a key determinant of this relationship.

Moreover, it is interesting that introverts are less prone to dependency on their phones.

Your punctuality

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

Do you know someone who is never on time? Well, according to these studies, people who typically are delayed, it is most likely people like.

Moreover, the psychologist Linda Sapadin said that the following four types of people are always late – it is possible that you can be a combination of all four!

  • Perfectionists do not leave the house until you are sure that everything is in order.
  • The drama enthusiasts get a thrill from the rush to meet the deadline.
  • Violators are protesting against authority or social norms.
  • Dreamers are too optimistic in terms of what you can do for a certain period of time.

A nervous TIC

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

This term is known as “repetitive behavior focused on the body, for example, biting the nail or skin. If you notice that you can be a perfectionist!

So, in 2015, the researchers came to the conclusion that perfectionists often do something similar in a stressful and boring conditions.

But why? Probably because, being perfectionists, they believe that it is better to do something than to do nothing!

How do you do self

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

People make a lot of assumptions about your osobistosti based on your self.

In one study in Chinese University students watched self other and, despite the fact that most of their judgments were wrong, the only accurate observation that they made was that positive emotions have self meant that people are open to new experiences.

In addition, the researchers came to the conclusion that the more friendly people are more likely to make self, those who do “Blicca-duck” refers to a neurotic type of person, and smart and honest – never make self.

Then, the condition of your email

Ці звички можуть багато чого розповісти про ваш характер

Then, the condition of your mail can tell a lot about your personality.

If you are a perfectionist, you’re more likely to keep the e-mails. Those who removes, people who need more control.

In addition, there is another type of people: those who do not check your unread messages but not delete them. They might just be smart enough and don’t want to waste their time.

What items did you recognize yourself?