These mobile apps will help you relax and sleep better

Ces applications mobiles vous aideront à relaxer et à mieux dormir

Whether to relax, sleep better or even to calm babies, the shops of mobile applications are full of ambient sounds, artificial or natural, carried out by acoustic experts, lessons of yoga, meditation and exercises.

Relax Melodies (iOS, Android)

To promote sleep, meditate and relax, the application Relax Melodies is well happy. Since about a year, when I discovered it, the app Relax Melodies (RM) has grown to include functions of meditations and relaxation exercises and relaxation.

Easy to customize and available in French, RM is very comprehensive even in its free version. Other more advanced features are offered in-app purchases or by subscription.

As a point of departure, you will find here a screenshot of my audio mix, which you can adapt according to your tastes. Each tone is adjustable in volume.


A final word to say that this app has been created by the box Ipnos Soft in St-Bruno, and directed and co-founded by Quebecers Simon Alex Bérubé, Philippe Lapierre.

Thunderspace Rain Sleep Sounds (iOS on iPhone and iPad)

As its name suggests, the app Thunderspace makes you listen to sounds of rain and thunder recorded with the 3D audio technology. And if you listen with headphones, you can experience the amazing sensation of immersion, 3D.

This technology also referred to as outsourcing is encoded so as to be naturally decoded by our brain, as if it was in the middle in the issue.

On the 17 types of sounds available, both are free. The app Thunderspace is the second of its kind in my phone. The lamp of the camera can even be used to simulate lightning! In English only.

White Noise Lite (iOS and Android)

The app White Noise is available free of ambient sounds from the environment to help you relax and sleep well. And because the sounds generated cover a wide range of frequencies, it is thus possible to hide the interruptions of sound that can disturb your relaxation or sleep.

Little YouTube video here.

Shop of additional sounds for White Noise on

Breethe – meditation and sleep (iOS and Android)

Downloaded over 10 million times on iOS and 6 million on Android, this application has managed to convince the most skeptical of the meditation. As the words of a certain captain, “the skeptics will be confounded… “.

There is no need of mantra or metaphysical terms-or of spiritualism, just want to solve a challenge or difficulty, such as lack of sleep, the loss of a loved one, or to overwork.

In the section App of the day shop Apple iOS, one can read “This app will offer you stories and visualizations to help you fall asleep, meditations, ( … ), and even a session soothing on the theme of “my boss is an idiot””.

The teacher’s main Breethe, Lynne Goldberg, is a big fan of meditation applicable to the scenarios of the real world.

“When you launch the app for the first time, you will be asked to select the areas on which you want to work, whether to feel better or lose weight.”

For those in a hurry, the function Alarm Clock & Reminder allows you to wake a few minutes earlier than usual, and start your day with a meditation.

The app Breethe is free of charge, with purchases and subscriptions integrated, but in English only.

Headspace-meditation and sleep (iOS and Android)

Also highly rated on iOS, the app Headspace is part of the “Choice of team” on the Google Play store.

This app for meditation and sleep, you can learn how “to meditate, to breathe and to live in full consciousness”.

It includes hundreds of guided meditations on subjects ranging from stress to sleep, exercises, a “full consciousness” to do the cooking or on the way to work and short sessions of meditations for those in a hurry.

The basic courses are free, but by subscription you will have access to the full collection of guided meditation, Headspace carried out by experts such as Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace and former monk.

Yoga for beginners (iOS and Android)

As we are almost all recluse at home, why not take the opportunity to learn the yoga? Created by Yoga Buddhi Co, this app introduces us to techniques for flexibility, stretching and many others to increase our strength and muscle tone, promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress and to improve our sleep.

“Yoga for beginners offers three initiation practices of yoga, each with a nice video and clear instructions.

Delivered in ten languages, including French, the app Yoga for beginners, as well as all of the applications editor, are free of charge until the 1st of may.

It does not cost much to try !

Seven – 7 minute workout (iOS and Android)

For those who like it physical and because the workouts are leading us to relax and we relax, the publisher Perigee offers an app that drives the personal to get in shape, to lose weight or simply to become stronger.

“The training of Seven is based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefits in the least time possible”, according to the Web page on Google Play.

It is added that the exercises are done anywhere without any equipment needed, the programs are progressive, from the beginner to the athlete and tailored to your needs and preferences.

And among the coaches virtual, one has the choice between the sergeant, a cheerleader, and several others.

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