These products should be abandoned in the summer heat

От этих продуктов лучше отказаться в летнюю жару

Everything that relates to dairy products, doctors advise you to eat with caution.

Most popular summer foods that cool heat and provide gastronomic pleasure is ice cream and a milkshake.

Many will be surprised, but the doctors do not advise to eat them too often. Also, the big role is played by the quality of the product got in your hands or not.

What’s wrong with the ice cream and Popsicle?

The fact that the majority of ice cream producers did not meet the standards of production and added to the product of saturated fats can not even stop.

Much more dangerous when improperly stored ice cream or thawed, and frozen again.

As soon as the storage temperature of ice cream rises and it starts to melt, it multiply rapidly bacteria spores that can cause food poisoning.

If you see that ice cream packaging is damaged or it itself looks as if it’s dented, it is best to avoid such a product.

What is to blame for a milkshake?

A favorite delicacy not only children but also adults, can put you in the hospital with poisoning.

The thing is that in addition to stale or previously melted, and therefore potentially dangerous, ice-cream, the seller can use spoiled milk.

By the way, in the heat of the outdoor tents, where they sell milkshakes, the apparatus for preparing a beverage is not covered or rarely it disinfects after every completed order, and it was at this time the breeding of bacteria from the air.

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