These products will help to lose weight

Эти продукты помогут похудеть

The test was conducted a few weeks, the new method is tried on volunteers.

At Columbia University decided to conduct an experiment to test the relationship of herbs with weight loss. The subjects for several weeks of eating spicy food, or add a lot of spices, as well as in the diet must be was ginger. It was added to meals or in tea. Thus, the researchers experimentally found products that will help you to lose weight.

At the end it turned out that with sharp spices, the man quickly becomes saturated, he wants to drink water, and eat less. It’s all in capsacin and interinale contained in the ginger and the chili pepper. These components cause heat in the body, and thus speed up the metabolism, increases sweating.

Scientists believe that found the exact same products that will help to lose weight. Also they are convinced that their successful study and believe that a nutritionist is to listen and apply their method in practice.


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