These signs indicate that you are a strong person — even if many do not like

Эти признаки указывают на то, что вы сильная личность — даже если многим это не нравится

Has long been known that people who are not afraid to defend their own opinions, and generally being strong personalities, often seem to others too arrogant and haughty. However, such opinions often say more about others and not about the strong personalities (and even more — their sense of inferiority and insecurity).

Some people perceive your direct and open style of communication as rudeness. The other considers your desire to Express and defend their views craving for domination. The others may be a great many similar opinions in your relationship, but they are all ultimately caused by the same thing — your unwavering confidence, a confidence which, combined with your other strong features a few scares them, and makes fully aware of his own inadequacy in this regard.

Petty and small minded people feel threatened by strong personalities primarily because they do not understand how you can be so confident, without paying much attention to what people think of you around.

So, below you will find 8 signs of a strong personality that can deter you from some people:

1. You don’t need someone else’s attention

Usually, strong personalities tend to be most visible people in our society. Why? Yes, because they quietly do their thing and communicate only with those who interest them. They have neither the time nor desire to waste your energy on pointless actions, which aim only to attract attention of others. Any attention.

They literally radiate self-confidence and determination. Life has taught them never to surrender or retreat, so do not expect that they will crawl to you on my knees, if only you paid them a fraction of the attention.

However, this does not mean that all have strong personalities — very often the aloof loner. Despite the fact that they don’t need someone else’s attention, their charisma attracts others like moths to a flame. They often communicate with good and interesting people — not because I ask about it, but because such people like to be around them.

2. You are not trying to please everyone

Strong people do not feel a strong need to be loved everything. On the contrary, they always and everywhere remain true to themselves, and pursue chosen goals, even when someone may not come to mind.

Yes, they are everywhere and always treat others with respect, but this does not mean that they will be in front of someone to grovel, if only not to hurt his painful feelings.

Strong personality never hide their true colors, opinions and abilities, and if someone doesn’t like, and someone thinks that it is his “crushes” and “scores”, let them!

3. You don’t like excuses and justifications

Strong people never spend their valuable time on excuses and justifications (whether yours or others). If they can’t do something, they will not make excuses. No, they thisnot teeth out, if need be, out of your comfort zone and try a little more to squeeze out of even the worst situation.

4. You hate talking about anything

What is this talk? Yes you are and you know it. Yes, these awkward and like a “wooden” conversations about “who’s new” or boring discussing the weather, roads and works… Is if you meet a person with whom you have not talked for several months, and even years, do you want to talk to him about it?

Isn’t it better to elect some hot, alive, full of energy theme, and to talk with someone about feelings, art, energy, the mysteries of the universe — anything that really can ignite a bright flame debate? This flame warms the heart and soul, especially if to share it with really close friends.

As a rule, strong personality, having an opinion, very smart. That is why they need discussion of ideas, innovations, or creative ways to clean up standing in their way obstacles. They prefer topics of conversation that can stimulate their minds and ignite the sparkle in his eyes. They avoid empty talk because they are empty. Because such talk is pure rubbish, wrapped in a dull wrapper.

5. You have no tolerance for ignorance and insensitivity

Most of all you do not tolerate people who were willing to make the ultimate and final decisions in areas in which they do not sufficiently understand, and act instinctively, not even trying to “include” your brain.

A strong personality like yours in most, if not all cases are the result of awareness, compassion and deep reflection.

6. You have clear moral principles and always follow them

You are firmly and confidently stand on their feet, and nothing can bring you out of balance. No matter how wild and crazy it seems to others your morals, and how much it differs from their views of the world, only you make it even the slightest changes, and only in cases where firmly convinced that it is right.

No one can persuade you, something that goes strongly against your moral principles.

7. You are always ready to admit their mistakes

A strong personality and therefore strong that you know not only about their strengths but also weaknesses. They are trying to distance yourself from your own ego, feelings of superiority over other people. When they make a mistake, admit it honestly — like in front of other people, and with ourselves.

We are not perfect, from time to time we make mistakes, and that’s fine. Instead of making the usual mistake of acting like children, strong personality, recognize it and try to fix it.

8. You are arrogant, you only know the value of yourself and your opinion

You are independent, you know the price of both themselves and my opinion, and from time to time it may seem arrogant to others. Petty and narrow-minded people are often offended and act destructive against people having an opinion and able to defend it. They consider such behavior normal, and strong personality — “arrogant snobs”.

Your strong character can not leave a stone unturned in their carelessly folded system of values, because it is easier to dismiss you labeled arrogant and powerful man. Don’t let them knock you off the path!

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