These simple tips will help to revitalize the kidneys and liver

Эти простые советы помогут оздоровить почки и печень

Named five recommendations for improvement.

According to the world Health Organization (who), every tenth inhabitant of our planet have problems with the kidneys. Diseases affecting the kidneys generally occur without symptoms, until they finally become a major issue.

The same applies to our liver, this important organ of our digestive system which affects our overall wellbeing. We usually care little about it.

There are simple and basic rules, following which you will improve your quality of life. We invite you to meet with us.

1. One tablespoon of olive oil with a small amount of lemon juice

Drink on an empty stomach one tablespoon of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice, it helps remove toxins from the body and improve the functioning of the kidneys and liver.

Contained in the oil are essential fatty acids and vitamin C will help to cleanse the body of toxic substances and strengthen these organs, thanks to the minerals and vitamins. It’s enough just 10 ml olive oil 5 ml lemon juice.

Take it on an empty stomach, for 4 consecutive days , then discontinue for four days and repeat. You will see how well this tool prevents constipation and improves digestion.

2. Organic Apple juice or cranberry juice

You can combine them as you wish. You can drink organic Apple juice for five days for Breakfast, and then replace it with cranberry.

These juices are very suitable for the following purposes:

Malic acid will help us to remove waste from the body, preventing the formation of kidney stones and softening the potential gallstones to make them easier to remove.

While cranberry juice acts as a great protective tool for our kidneys. It prevents infection, protects the bladder wall from bacteria and enhances kidney function. Drink it in its natural form, without added sugar.

3. The movement will protect your liver and kidneys

Always keep active, do a small set of exercises each day, it will help to regulate our blood pressure and take care of heart health, which is very important for the health of the kidneys.

Daily walk for half an hour and some aerobic exercise will also help to prevent weight gain, which is extremely important to ensure that the body does not store excess fat, and ease the burden on the liver.

4. Mineral water is useful for your body

The saturation of the body with water is one of the main keys to health, not just our liver and kidneys, but also our entire body.

The European Agency for food safety recalls that women should drink on average 1.6 liters of water a day and men about 2 litres.

However, the amount you drink also depends on our daily activity and the weather. Try to drink water with weak mineralization and low sodium, it is more useful for our heart and kidneys.

You should always examine the label on the bottle of water, because it is also a concern for our health.

5. The best foods that must be present in your diet

Vegetables from the cruciferous

Rather prepare yourself a delicious dinner of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage or cauliflower… Season the cabbage with a small amount of olive oil and add a little Apple cider vinegar if you want, but never neglect these vegetables because they help cleanse our body from heavy metals and toxins.

Bitter varieties of lettuce

Probably you might be put off by an overly strong taste, but these green vegetables, such as chicory, dandelion, arugula or escarole well suited for optimization of the kidneys and improve the condition of the liver. Season them with a little lemon juice and it will further increase their useful properties.

Smoothies from Apple and beet

This smoothie has a cleansing and tonic effect. It is useful to drink it two times a week, it has a pleasant taste and will help you to cleanse the blood, remove toxins and facilitate the work of the kidneys and liver.

Fruits rich in antioxidants

Fruits rich in vitamin C necessary for strengthening the liver and kidneys. They protect them from free radicals and also help to eliminate harmful substances.


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