These six tips will maintain the health of your heart

Эти шесть советов сохранят здоровье вашего сердца

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels is currently considered the most common.

Almost every second elderly person has a heart problem. But doctors are sounding the alarm, not so, but due to the fact that in recent heart disease increasingly began to encounter the young people and those who are a little over 30.

The reasons for developing heart diseases a lot. Doctors have identified the following: obesity, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, stress and chronic lack of sleep.

Cardiologists gave six recommendations that will help you to keep your heart healthy:

1. To control blood pressure. this is especially true of those who have previously observed pressure surges.

2. Exclude from your diet saturated fats. These substances contribute to the rapid recruitment of overweight that is unfavorable for the overall health.

3. To avoid TRANS fats. Food enriched with TRANS fats, is considered toxic, so the choice of food must be approached more consciously. TRANS fats clog the blood vessels and the liver, and because of this, blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body.

4. Lean on fiber and vitamins. Dietary fiber effectively cleanse the blood vessels and the intestines from toxins, worrying not only about the cardiovascular system, but also about all the internal organs, from which depends the health of the person.

5. To fully relax and to sleep at least 7 hours every night. The body and every cell of his body must have time to recover, but to do it they can only when the person is sleeping. If you regularly don’t get enough sleep, sooner or later your body will fail in the first place can suffer just heart.

6. To move more. Training the heart muscle is one of the easiest methods of preserving heart health. It is totally free, but requires a bit of effort and time.

By complying with these rules on a daily basis, you can be sure about the health of your heart and blood vessels.


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