These women Zodiac sign is endowed with great power to influence men

Эти женщины по знаку Зодиака наделены большой силой влияния на мужчин

Everyone says: “a Woman should be feminine!” But nobody can explain what it refers to. In our opinion the strength of women in femininity. The more feminine, the more power and influence.


The power of Lionesses — in fearlessness. Lionesses in principle, an unfamiliar feeling of fear, that is why they are always and everywhere the first: the first beauty(no matter how they look), the smartest (and no matter how many other nerds around) and generally the Queen of all the Universe. Simply because while everyone else is sitting and afraid to show himself — “As if something happens”, yeah, the Lioness just gets up, Regal gait takes to the throne and sits on it. If it is necessary. And always somehow turns out that it should be.


Force Dev — in logic and intelligence. The Virgo mind is a katana, sword samurai,is able with equal ease to cut and silk, and marble. And the flesh, Yes. Virgin disassemble the atoms of any given situation and problem,carefully consider, investigate and collect back — now knowing exactly what she’s doing. Or not her, and you, because the virgin no matter what to parse. It does not matter. Situations or feelings, yours or others — it’s all the same. But error it is not allowed.


The power of Aquarius — creative thinking. Miss Aquarius may seem a little strange,right the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and Alice in one. Some even believe that it is not adapted to normal life, because it is always in the clouds. Well, well. Here at the very moment when it starts to run along the ceiling, screaming “All is lost!” and “We’re all gonna die!”, lady Aquarius will instantly see the way out. Or even two. And will tell everyone which one is better. Because only she can walk through the walls of stereotypes and stupid rules.


The power of the Fish in the incredible intuition. The fish feels the world is like water: the smallest vibrations and temperature changes, it reads instantly and notice the nuances that are not available at all to anyone. However,the crystal ball of Fishes do not like to work, the extra people insulting them. But your loved ones Fish, of course, away from danger long before the danger somehow show themselves. Well, and myself Fish the abyss, of course, not give.


The strength of the scale — in of lightness and charm. Lady Libra is always cute. Even if it is severe chief accountant, a lawyer with shark teeth or even Her Teknisesti the head Teacher, it is still such a girl-girl. Cute, charming, incredibly charismatic and very easy. Next to the scale every bedraggled muzhchinka feels a great hero, every tired woman — a young Princess and every young boy — sweet little angel. Yes there is, next to the Weights, even insidious cats won’t shit people in sneakers! Because nobody wants to upset the fairy.


Force Scorpions — in natural magnetism. Lady Scorpio has not made any effort to attract anyone like magnet, and fully deny the will. It happens by itself. Very terrible mojo! Fortunately, lady Scorpio is interested only in selected, most of their victims she never condescends, and they gradually somehow do fall off, wondering: what was it? What, what… What do you care what? Say thank you that the trap itself is opened. Because those who are tough, even the paw itself gnaw is useless. Because you don’t want.


Force archers — in resilience and optimism. Absolutely unwavering sign. All around the demolished living tsunami, someone will drown, someone will throw on an alien shore, will destroy the city and changed the island and the lady Sagittarius will remain standing where you stood. Will squeeze the hair from water and say, “Come, damn it, for some bread!” And, by the way, the bread is not lose. So if “bread” — you can assume that from now on you have 9 lives. In force Archer you can hide from all the ills of life, as in an impregnable citadel. However, this citadel at first still need to win, but that’s another story.


The power of Capricorn in disability. Already the horses from work is not just tragically die, a time to become fossil and the lady, the Capricorn will still work, without giving the slightest signs of fatigue. Some people try to feel sorry for “the poor” Capricorns, not realizing the chief: a young lady-Capricorn is a perpetual motion machine, it draws its energy is in action. This means that the principle of “Do what you must, come what may” always works for her.


The power of Aries — determination. Lady Aries sees the goal and the obstacles is neglected, waltz! It should be understood that if the path of the young lady Aries will rise an insurmountable wall, sooner or later, one way or another, but will break her. Or blow up to hell. She knows that the wall can be circumvented if you try hard but believes that the compromise with reality is for wimps. And, interestingly, the reality is usually inferior to it. Because there are fools willing to butt heads with lady Aries. All want to live, you know.


The power of Taurus — in the imagination. For some reason I think that the lady-Taurus — absolutely earth person, firmly standing on his feet, but is completely devoid of imagination. And here and there. In fact, the lady Taurus just strong and smart, so with minor problems deals with one hand. But from serious adversity Taurus runs into his rich inner world, that anyone not showing. Yes, you’d better not to watch what’s going on — not for the faint hearted it. But that’s where it draws its energy and comes back full force. However, this time it is better not to approach. You can inadvertently look into the eyes of her inner monsters and… to Embarrass.


The power Twins — in the communicative skills. Mistress-Gemini — is this guy a walking “Facebook” and bird-talker. It creates social bonds as easy and as natural as a spider spinning a web,and drives people like a real puppeteer. But its main strength is the word. She is able to talk anyone to death, and anyone just to raise a couple of words — this is what man needs. “In the beginning was the word,” Oh, yeah. Keep in mind that the printed word this magic also applies. So before you open emails from the Twins, it is better to wear a tin foil hat. And then you never know.


Force Cancer in empathy. The young lady with Cancer is not just life hiding from the world in his impenetrable armour! After all, if she thought the finger tip of there stick — all: all the young lady disappear. It immediately sucked into someone’s else’s skin, and she would have to think the thoughts of others,to experience other people’s feelings and get involved in other people’s problems. For everyday life the quality is not very convenient, but in the case of global cataclysms — what could be better. Lady Cancer you can’t win because if she had, it is you. And with himself to fight as something strange, right?

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