These zodiac signs most are closed, they obviously have something to hide

There are a number of such mysterious characters who constantly seem to know what they’re doing.

Ці знаки зодіаку найбільш закриті, вони явно щось приховують

The zodiac gives us certain traits, and there are a number of such mysterious characters who constantly seem to know what they’re doing. Time, the failure of communication can sometimes be the most resounding phrase that may sound. Sometimes it’s great and it should be respected, but there are other silent types who use their silence as a passive-aggressive weapon of defense. Here are six astrological signs that can be closed, reports Rus.Media.


People born under this sign are, on the one hand, maximally communicative, and on the other hand, incomprehensible and closed. The twins are closed when they are threatened, but it doesn’t cause them pain, because they prefer to discuss the problems. Suppressing the desire to speak contrary to their nature, but they instantly stop talking if nobody listens to them. They can easily give up love for something to fight. For all their informality and friendliness, the Twins prefer to protect myself and choose the path of least resistance to survive. Sometimes the way requires it to be secretive.


If the Cancer has closed and is silent, so he most likely painful and uncomfortable. He always goes through everything inside, quietly and behind the scenes. Cancer wants his entourage was happy to make it work right – and when this happens, it is too painful to digest any situation. Cancer sees the world as his only responsibility. He often immersed in silent contemplation and wishes that no one and never bothered.


Libra is fiercely independent, and they feel the need to defend its borders at any cost. If you can’t recognize that actually experiencing this sign, then he moved to the regime of secrecy and do not particularly want to demonstrate your own emotions. Libra sometimes it’s better to be alone, to throw over themselves the veil of mystery and with no one to chat with very personal and deep questions.


Typical attitude of Scorpio is expressed in the phrase “I don’t have to it no relation”. This sign knows that his real strength lies not in what he says and that he’s hiding. The Scorpion – man is not particularly quiet, but it is fully enclosed and protected on all sides. His silence always gives him some advantage. Frankly, the Scorpion uses its secrecy as a tool to quietly manipulate people.


Sagittarius can be warm like the sun at noon, and cold, like an iceberg in the Arctic. What makes them stand cold and silent, is the suspicion that betraying them or lying to them. Sociable source Sagittarius instantly closes, if you something do not like. These people can be relentless and cruel. Just one wrong move on your part, and you will be thrown out of life Arrow without any chance of return. So, Archers are able to withdraw, keep quiet and be secretive.


Quiet, quiet, Aquarius, always up to something. Do not attempt to approach the people of this sign – their silence will act as a protective shield between you. Aquarius sees strength in verbal communication, but this does not mean that he is not able to Express themselves. He is able to convey their secret thoughts in ways that do more harm than voiced words. The silence of Aquarius is threat and danger. This means that they have something to conceive, develop, design and prepare. They should not be trusted, especially when they go into silence mode.

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