They are cooler than clouds. Conceited zodiac signs

Они круче, чем тучи. Тщеславные знаки зодиака

Pride is always respected, but there is always someone who thinks himself above others — it is not pride, it is pride. Astrologers claim that there are several signs of the zodiac, which can be called arrogant and conceited people; they are susceptible to pride.

Taurus 21 April — 21 may
Very stubborn and will never admit they were wrong. People of this sign consider themselves superior to others based on their intelligence, their only right ideals, his practical view of the world. Taureans are sure that every intelligent man, able to understand how much they are perceptive. As for the rest — they need to grow to it.

Leo 23 July — 23 August
Lions believe they can cope with any task and I love the sound of his voice. Very confident. Do not talk, and broadcast, not discuss, and explain the simplest truth.Their elegance should be admired, before the boldness of a Lion everyone is obliged to faint. Just so and not otherwise, who do not understand — the enemy, the envious person and the rival.

Virgo August 24 — September 22
Virgo perfectionist, finds its perfection in the understanding of almost any man. People of this sign admires own understanding of the order and laws of the universe in this world. These subtle psychologists sometimes condescend to explain a particular action and enjoy listening to celebratory odes. They would have listened to them and listened..

Sagittarius 22 Nov — 21 Dec
The archers loose, energetic, curious. Loves new techniques, greedy for new knowledge. Easily masters new, simply disposes outdated. People of this zodiac sign are aware of their uniqueness and know their value. Sagittarius is not so stupid as to speak publicly about their abilities, but deep down he knows that he’s a genius, smart and very moral people. And very, very humble.

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