They are waiting for it to pass or heal with plants, welcome to desert medical

The government of Edouard Philippe must disclose this Friday 13 October 2017 its order to fight against the medical deserts as Tarascon-sur-Ariège. — Valinco – Sipa

  • The area of Tarascon-sur-Ariège has three times fewer general practitioners than the national average.
  • A shortage that affects the daily life of the inhabitants.
  • The mayor is proposing that it forces the young doctors to make a kind of “medical service” in corners that need it.

A panel of “hospital” here, another there. For a so-called medical desert nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees, Tarascon-sur-Ariège seems well off. “But it is a catch-couillon, all skiers who fall are left to take “, corrects, Christine, heading for the pharmacy.

The hospital, ” local “ is a retirement home coupled to a convalescent home. The mayor,
Alain Sutra (PRG), is as the apple of his eyes, and intends to rebuild it (provided that a doctor deigns to come and work there) but this is not the kind of establishment where it shows up on Sunday because the little fact of the fever.

In the area of Tarascon, there is one general practitioner for 2.190 inhabitants. – H. Menal – 20 Minutes
A general practitioner for 2.190 inhabitants

Corrigendum, therefore, Tarascon is a medical desert. There are three general practitioners in the town, overwhelmed and most of all young people. According to the Order of the doctors of the Ariège, the area has a general practitioner for 2.190 people, that is almost three times less than the national average.

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“Why you think that you treat all of them with plants ? Even the most refractory come “, loose, smiling Hadji. The mother is descended from Ax-les-Thermes where the situation is even worse – just to make you prescribe the pill. “Two hours of waiting, not to mention the journey, necessarily have to ask the morning of RTT ! “. “It is really a disaster !, adds Pascale. General practitioners are overwhelmed. So sometimes, it is box, waiting for it to pass “.

A ” chiva “, which will not always

And for the specialists, there is the ” Chiva “, the Centre hospitalier du Val d’ariège, 22 miles away, which does not really have the chakras of the premises. “The gentleman who reads the radios also works to
Toulouse, then there are days where it is closed “, thought Christine. And then there are not all the specialties.

To remove a mole, the son of Pascale has had to go to Toulouse. “An hour’s drive, it is not the sea to drink. Not more than some of Toulouse in the morning. One really wonders why doctors do not come settle here. There must be a psychological threshold “, reflects the some others fusion gnawa bands who, despite everything, do not leave “nothing in the world” its green valley.

#DésertsMédicaux “We are going to propose on the 13th of October a plan dedicated to access to care” @agnesbuzyn

— (@Egorafr) September 26, 2017

Jackie and Claire, two bright customers who patiently wait in the office medial, show themselves to be philosophers, even if they get miles to the slightest examination. “To us, it’s going to, it leads, but for the elderly or the mothers of the family, it is very complicated “. “It is true, that one is pissed off, it should take a month, a general practitioner of more “, recognizes the mayor. But how do you do ? Alain Sutra argues for a radical solution. “Don’t tell us that living in our valley, with all services, at the foot of the pistes and 100 km of Toulouse, is not pleasant. It is necessary that the government forces the young doctors to give a few years for our territories, proposes conceiving. It is the solidarity republican, and, after all, it’s our taxes that pay for their education “.

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The church of Tarascon. – H. Menal – 20 Minutes
The problem of the employment of the spouse

A valley away, in the Country of Olmes, Gerald Sgobbo, the president of the community of municipalities, brought a few years ago, a friendly Romanian doctor. It has been rather badly received by the local practitioners. And his wife, also a doctor, not finding work, they have moved to elsewhere. “The problem in our valleys affected by the abandonment of industrial, says the elected official, it is also to provide a job for the spouse “. “The joint man, says Catherine Guintoli, the chair of the département of the order ? Because our profession was feminised “. For this practitioner of Foix, who sees through the internal training, the first priority is to ” enhance the status of the general medicine “.

In the Ariège, one-third of the general practitioners have over 60 years of age. The future should be even more desert-like.