They can be read in just one day!

Ils se lisent en une journée seulement!

If you don’t want to start the summer with a story that never ends, all the novels aliens proposed to be read in less than two. And all are excellent.

The daughter of the supermarket

Sayaka Murata, Éditions Folio, 146 pages.

This novel has been one of our big favourites of 2018. First published in French under the title of Konbini, he relates the strange story of the no less strange Keiko Furukura, one of the few Japanese to have voluntarily sacrificed his university studies to go and play the cashiers in a supermarket that is open day or night. As crappy as it is, it is a job that she loves. The evidence, she is working there for 18 years now. Then when she notices that one of the new employees is not always very respectable to the clients, its sole purpose will soon be to watch this lout incredibly lazy. A treat.

The old man who read love novels

Luis Sepúlveda, Editions Points, 122 pages.

When it’s not raining, it is also possible to go by canoe up the bottom end of the amazon forest, in a small village called El Idilio. It is in this way that the body of a gringo blond is to be transported, and the mayor of the corner, will acknowledge immediately the indians Shuars of having murdered. But Antonio José Bolivar, who lives in the area for years, will not see things eye to eye. According to him, the gringo has been killed by a female ocelot mourning the loss of her cubs. And to prove it, he will have to search for it. It was the first novel of the chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda. And also his greatest success.

The revenge of Kevin

Iegor Gran, Éditions Folio, 206 pages.

Want a nice story that might make you smile several times ? If yes, please do not hesitate to make the acquaintance of François-René Pradel, a writer whose many novels do sell much. Mind you, things could very soon change. During the Salon du livre in Paris, he has indeed met with the professional reader for a very prestigious French publishing house. And to believe this last, the all-new manuscript of François-René could very well become the next bestseller of the time. There is only a simple contract to sign and hop the turn is played. Except that… Oh no, you can’t say more than that. The result is too truculent to be summarized in only two or three lines.

Le grand cahier

Agota Kristof, Editions Points, 168 pages.

With this first volume of The trilogy of the twins, writer, Hungarian-born Agota Kristof was able to shake off many readers. To begin with we ! Here’s why : because the war was in full swing in the Big City, a mother has the brilliant idea to entrust her young twins to her own mother, who lives in the countryside. An error, because from now on, Klaus and Lucas will be nothing more than ” son of a bitch “. Such that they will not be slow to discover it, they would hardly have fallen on a worse grandmother. But being very close to one another, not to say fusional, they will adjust gradually to their new life, leaving nothing more to achieve.

Mr Gwyn

Alessandro Baricco, Gallimard, 184 pages.

By the same author, you could also choose Silk, which reads even faster with its approximately 140 pages. But holding it up to add a dose of whimsy to this folder of short readings, a summer, Mr Gwyn has imposed itself. He brings to the stage none other than Jasper Gwyn, one of the novelists most popular of England. Up to now, since he has recently decided to put an end to his successful writing career, announcing with drums and trumpets that never more it’s not going to write books. The problem ? After a year, he will feel again the need to write. But could not go back on his word, he will decide to rent an artist studio. Not to paint pictures, but to write the portraits of all those who may wish to scroll naked in front of him for a month. A real pleasure to read.

The music of a life

Andrei Makine, Editions Points, 144 pages.

In a station of the Ural mountains buried in snow, everyone has been waiting for hours in a state of resignation complete arrival of the train to Moscow. This is also true for the narrator of this seventh novel, Andrei Makine, and the man with whom he will travel soon in a wagon of the third class. A man once promised to a beautiful career as a pianist, but fate had decided otherwise, will eventually have to spend a large part of his life to flee the communist regime and to make quite small. A story very nicely written, who can really understand the expression ” homo sovieticus “, which was popularized in the 1980s by the philosopher Alexander Zinoviev.

Winter to Sokcho

Elisa Ahus Dusapin, Éditions Folio, 160 pages.

Through the literature, it is still possible to travel to far. So you might as well take the opportunity to visit Sokcho, a small city in South Korea bathed by the sea of Japan. Just as Yan Kerrand, a comic book author originally from Normandy, one will go to and from discovery to discovery : the north Korean border nearby, stews radish, shelter antitsunami, the general excitement for the aesthetic surgery. Just as Yan Kerrand, it will also fall gradually under the spell of a young woman from the room of franco-Korean whose mother is the only fishmonger in the city to be able to cook the fugu. A nice story all in reserve.

Extension of the domain of the fight

Michel Houellebecq, the Editions I’ve read, 160 pages.

Well before The elementary particles, the map and The territory, Submission or Serotonin, there has been Expansion of the area of the fight. A first novel, dating from 1994, in which Michel Houellebecq set out in black and white the dreary adventures of a man disillusioned whose job, love affairs, social life, future prospects and dreams have nothing folichon. If you don’t have the moral or if it is in full midlife crisis, it is better to avoid. But if you are curious go to the source to see what Houellebecq had at the time in the tummy, it is now or never.


Stephen King, the Editions of The paperback book, 147 pages.

If this is not quite the kind of novel that Stephen King has accustomed us, it does not prevent it to be good. The outline of the story ? No matter what he eats or what he wears, Scott Carey loses each day a few grams. In less than a month, he lost 13 kilos. But the most curious in all this, is that from the outside, it is absolutely not visible. A thing a lot more visible ? The way the news surrounding Scott are processed. At Castle Rock, we do not like too lesbian, and even if he is not at his best, Scott will decide to come to their aid. Of course, no one will give you not here how !

The sky above the roof

Nathacha Appanah, Gallimard, 125 pages.

Of Nathacha Appanah, we liked all the novels. Especially The last brother and Tropical violence. As to the latter, it has been the last year one of our first favorites of the new school year. It tells the story of a family in which one is almost happy not to belong. Two fathers who set sail for a long time, a mother incapable of affection, a girl who chose to settle as far as possible from the house where she grew up and a son a little weird that rots in a prison because of the serious road accident that he has caused. We mix it all and, yes, the result is quite disturbing.

In the meantime Bojangles

Olivier Bourdeaut, Éditions Folio, 176 pages.

With this little gem of a book that we recommend, without reservation, we are very fast in the dance. And, thanks to the wife of Georges, who has long since sent flying anything that rhymes with standard conveniences or routine. Among his fables (changing of name, a search for a castle in Spain, etc), his strange pet (a crane of Numidia !) and his taste for the holidays up late, it is almost impossible to get bored in his presence. But when one is as whimsical and unpredictable as she was, it must sooner or later expect that things go out of control… A true blow of heart.

My dog Stupid

John Fante, Editions 10/18, 187 pages.

Finally, a book that will certainly have people loosen up many readers. Recently adapted for the big screen by the French director Yvan Attal, it allows us to meet almost all members of the family Molise : Henry, the writer missed through quite a bad patch for years, Harriet, his wife, almost always on the verge to throw a tantrum, and their four grown children, especially potted. Not forgetting Stupid, huge dog came out of nowhere on a cold and rainy evening in January, which continually collect high jinks and nonsense to the delight of Henry. In short, there’s everything to have fun !

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