they climb three floors and steal jewelry from an apartment

    they climb three floors and steal jewelry from an apartment

    Two individuals were arrested by the police last Thursday, in the 5th arrondissement in Lyon, for aggravated theft.

    Two suspects were arrested last Thursday for aggravated theft in the 5th arrondissement of Lyon. At around 4 p.m., the police intervened to arrest the two individuals in flagrante delicto, after a call to 17.

    The two men, a minor and an adult unfavorably known to the police, had climbed the facade of a building Quai Pierre Scize in Lyon on three floors. Arrived on the terrace of an apartment, they then fractured the French window and then smashed the glass to enter the victim’s accommodation.

    Facts denied by suspects

    Once arrived there, the police were able to arrest the two authors inside the home. They had jewelry and semi-precious stones on them. A watch is also on one of the suspects.

    Caught in the act, the two individuals however deny the facts, explaining simply looking for a place to spend the night and eat. The two individuals were presented to the Judicial Court of Lyon this Saturday for an immediate appearance for the major and opening of information for the minor.

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