They did not lift the foot, even confined

Ils ne lèvent pas le pied, même confinés

If professional athletes often take advantage of facilities interesting for practice to the house in this period of COVID-19, it is not the student-athletes who are more confined in their apartment. The imagination is therefore expected.

At the rate of two to three times per week, the football players of the Red and Gold of the University Laval train together through the magic of Facebook Live, where the physical trainer Guillaume Rioux serves as exercise to keep in shape while using weight unusual.

After the closure of the PEP, the 13 march, for a period of two weeks, Rioux had asked the players to stay active. The portrait has changed when the closing of the facilities has been extended until the 1st of may.

“It was necessary to keep the culture of the team, explained the former wide receiver for the Red and Gold. With the Facebook Live, the guys are happy to meet and push each other. Because the facilities are limited, everything that I asked them, it is to buy containers of water of different formats (5 L, 8 L and 11.5 L). You had to be creative. I propose a different tracks with a variety of weights. ”

“This is not the optimum conditions, but it was important to remain engaged and diligent in order not to reset and lose the work done during the previous two months when the FACILITY will reopen, sue Rioux. The response is very good. Last week, we had a training during which 80 players were connected. In addition to these sessions, the players are doing individual training. “

Alexis Pelchat-Foley and Jonathan Breton Robert realize the challenges at home in front of the camera. They send then to Guillaume Rioux, who validates the results.

Three objectives

Rioux had three objectives in implementing its training plan.

“I wanted the guys to stay in shape ; it continues to build the team concept ; and the breaking of the isolation. The training is interactive and players can comment and ask questions whenever they want. This also allows the players to keep them stimulated, despite everything, otherwise it could have become boring. We are not like the PEPS in the hall of excellence and we are limited, but we attempt to create a buzz online. ”

“No excuses”

The message of Rioux is clear.

“The word is “there are no excuses”. We must find a way to improve and not waste our time. The guys take the training seriously and challenge themselves. They send me videos so that I can validate their results.

An original initiative is appreciated by the players

The players of the Red and Gold welcomed the initiative of their physical trainer.

“It’s special because I had never done that before, but it is a very good initiative which allows everyone to regroup, says the veteran winger spaced-Marc-Antoine Pivin. With this approach, it allows us to bypass the restrictions of isolation. It is usually results as a whole and we are still together through the Facebook Live. This is not optimal, but it is a nice solution rather than train only one in our 4 ½ and this is the best one can do in the current situation. ”

Spirit of competition

The defensive end Yanis Chihat abounds in the same direction. “It is really great that we can continue to train the house with everyone behind the camera, says he. We even kept our cri team after each session. Instead of the scream, Zack [Fitzgerald] wrote. It is very funny. We try to keep things more normal. […] It keeps the spirit of competition by launching challenges. “

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