they distribute Christmas gifts for the homeless

    they distribute Christmas gifts for the homeless

    They baptized the operation “The Sensibility of the Merry Bells”. The volunteers of the association La Cloche, in Bordeaux, distributed around 250 gifts to people who live on the streets this Wednesday.

    “Gift boxes” for men, women and children made thanks to the generosity of citizens: “There are hygiene products, a cultural product, often a book, a hot product for example gloves, a hat, a scarf and a gourmet product, like chocolate”, explains Mathilde Beauvois, the director of the association.

    Create social bond

    The objective of the operation is not only to distribute gifts but also to provoke the meeting. The volunteers of the day therefore all leave with thermos of coffee or hot chocolate: “The idea is also to create a social bond with people who will discuss, share a hot chocolate. We start from the principle that the social bond is as important as being able to eat, to have a roof. Human contact , people’s gaze, self-confidence, that is also important. Particularly in the current context. We are living through an unprecedented health and social crisis. ”

    About thirty volunteers took part in the operation on Wednesday. © Radio France

    Among the volunteers present for the distribution of gifts, many new ones like Catherine and Camille. They have never participated in this kind of operation: “We often think of people in pain, especially in those periods when it is cold but without ever taking the step. And there I am very happy to take action”, explains Catherine.

    After losing her mother a year ago, on December 24, Catherine wanted to do something that makes sense to pay tribute to her: “This action looks like him. It may be a drop in the ocean but at least we will have created a bubble of positivity around these people who are suffering.” Marie, a young woman on the street for several years, smiles broadly when she sees the volunteers arrive in red caps: “It’s nice, it feels good a little human warmth.”

    A social bond that must be kept all year round, insists Mathilde for her part. Message well received for Catherine: “I have the impression that after having done it once, I will not be able to not do it again “.

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