They do better than Amazon

They do better than Amazon

Pandemic or not, nothing seems to be stopping the growth of Altitude Sports, still the only outdoor merchandise retailer in the country exclusively online.

Newly established in its new neighborhoods, strategically located near Montreal-Trudeau airport, the company now offers same-day delivery service in Montreal, a logistical feat that Amazon does not yet offer.

“Not only do we offer this service, but I can assure you that it works, affirms its co-president Maxime Dubois. There is no question of taking our customers hostage with a service that is not timely. Ours was broken in three months before being launched, and I assure you that everything is going as planned. ”

No less than 65% outside Quebec

With Alexandre Guimond, the two former employees bought in 2011 what was still at the time only a simple outdoor store on Saint-Denis Street in Montreal.

Gradually, his website gained traction and the two men decided to bet everything on electronic commerce.

Today, the company sells exclusively online, across the country and even beyond. So much so that 65% of its sales are now made outside the province.

Same-day delivery is another milestone in the evolution of this still young team, supported in its efforts by the Business Development Bank of Canada, which has become a minority shareholder in the company.

Altitude Sports undertakes to deliver all Montreal orders placed before 1 p.m., seven days a week, the same day.

“A customer can therefore decide on a Friday to go on an expedition the next day, without wasting his day running around the stores to find the missing equipment,” argues Mr. Dubois.

This express service is available at $ 3.99 for members and $ 6.99 for others.

In the coming weeks, Toronto will also be able to obtain expedited delivery service. The only difference is that it will be offered next day delivery, rather than within 48 hours as required by the retailer's traditional free delivery promise.

A feat in the midst of a pandemic

Located in the Saint-Laurent borough, its new 160,000 sq. Ft. Warehouses replace the smaller ones in the Chabanel district. The move took place in March and April, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. An adventure that everyone will remember.

About 400 brands of clothing and accessories are stored there. Its location, near the airport and main roads, facilitates the company's activities.

During its trial period, Altitude experienced 15,000 same-day delivery days. “A feat” which, it seems, surprised customers who reacted by increasing the number of orders thereafter.

Upcoming hires

“Since then, the site's adoption has been exponential. As does customer loyalty, ”says Dubois.

During the pandemic, orders for running, cycling and camping items grew by 80%.

Their success is such that the company of 250 employees is preparing to recruit 150 more in anticipation of Black Friday. The team will then have 400 employees.

During its last financial year, Altitude made 650,000 deliveries, an increase of 40% compared to the previous year. In 2020, she expects to cross the million mark.

“It's going to be another big year,” says Dubois. But we are ready. ”

Altitude Sports in brief

  • Founded in 1984
  • Acquired in 2011 by ex-employees

Current shareholding :

  • Maxime Dubois
  • Alexandre guimond
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Number of employees: 250
  • Turnover: ND

Deliveries made (by fiscal year):

  • 2017: 300,000
  • 2018: 460,000
  • 2019: 650,000
  • 2020: 1 million

Source: Altitude Sports. Figures for 2020: management forecast

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